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Recent updates of my uni life...


That's how my faculty looks like...


I never know there are white cranes there until I saw it one day on the way back home :D


My supervisor's inaugural lecture on last Friday. It was given to all as a requirement/ protocol for a professor to be promoted. I was very happy that day as I able to catch up with a few seniors who are now lecturers in other local universities.


Kak Azizah and Dr Khoo 
No much idea with Kak Azizah as she already left to continue teaching in UITM Shah Alam while writing her thesis. I only able to see her a few times only in postgraduate room last semester. She seldom come too even though she sat besides me. Dr Khoo, that will be such a long story to tell...hahaha my senior who I know about 7 years of time. He is now a post-doctorate student / research fellow at our faculty. He is such a hardworking man and always dedicated to his work. We often argue about some science facts and I will always find him to ask for something I'm not sure or when I have problems seeking solution. Guess what? It will be non stop conversation as he is opinionated. Therefore, sometimes I end up doing nothing if I could not stop the conversation with him. LOL...Still I respect him and a role model even though he always demotivate me. I take his negative words as a way to motivate me. Some friends really like to say both of us got 'scandal' but I wanna say there is nothing between us besides research, study/work. I don't even have any jealousy when he is close with any girls or talking about other girls. He is my valuable friend which I treasure his knowledge in research.


The person standing at the right is Dr Kong from UM medicine department who did Master in UPM under my supervisor last time. Haha he is 2 batch older than me. Thus, some of my course mates like to see him and said he is very handsome. Guess he knows too...Time flies, he is now a father. I pm him in FB the day before my sv inaugural lecture as I saw his inteview in one of the local travel magazine given by my friend. Unexpectedly he came the next day xoxo Story never end like this...he pm me one day asking me to grab him the magazine and pass it to Dr Khoo as he is very busy till no time to get it at book store...I was like OMG! Is that UM lecturers' life? So I said to him:" Senior never mind, I will give you my one once I finish reading" :D

During my FYP time, my supervisor assign each of his FYP student with his postgraduate student to mark our thesis draft and giving guidance for our project. And Lye Yee is my senior assigned by my sv to guide my FYP. She is now lecturer in Taylors Uni and soon she will continue her PhD. Currently she brings her student to register in UPM perhaps of a cheaper study fee here (1 semester fee around RM 2300 +/- vs RM 10k+/- in private uni) to do her master.

Going to start lab work soon...


Washing the vials with my painting brush and some detergent to make all clean...Well, I spent a whole evening doing the cleaner job xoxo...
Dr Khoo said must clean it thoroughly so that we could get a nice peak in HPLC later. Dr Khoo, Marina (not here- UITM lecturer taking leave for doing PhD study here) and I are co-operating of doing the standard measurement using HPLC. One standard costs around RM1k+/-,imagine we use 12 standards are already RM12k+/-. And always one have to wait a long time to get the chemicals especially standards, estimated around 4 months after submitting RO form.Thus, we decided working together and use the result for our samples.


That's my first time being in main library after 1 year back here. I was lost when trying to find the thesis corner. Luckily there is signboard around. Less students in the library during semester break and I like the silence which gives me a peace of mind.


Craving for waffle and I got one from a shop near the library. Costs RM3.5 much expensive than the one selling at my fac.Well, the second day I come I decided to take a uni bus from main library to my fac but end up I got a notice from the driver saying that there is no bus service from 15-23 August. Immediately I called 2 friends who staying outside campus if they are coming over to fac today to give me a fetch if not I will need to go back home. It is impossible to walk from main campus to my fac. That's something I wonder during my first year why my fac has to be built so far away from the other/ main campus till we are like totally isolated? LOL....the same question pop up in my mind when I need to travel to main campus every time.

I have come across some people/friends/ uni mates/ juniors asking me a question, why you think of coming back to further study after so many years? Well, I will tell you guys again in future post...

My priority now is my study. I will not mind if I do not get any blogger trip in future if they find that I'm not always agree with them. But one thing for sure I really appreciate for the opportunity given to join them. I'm not joining for fun and most of the time I ask myself first if the trip beneficial to me (knowledge gained?) or giving me a chance of learning new things in my life before I RSVP. The next thing is if I have time to write for them after return from the trip. That's the best way to express my gratitude instead of saying thank you always in the group chats and someone might be bored of hearing it.


  1. good luck with your classes. That waffle looks amazing

  2. Thinking back of my uni days. Haha.

    All the best Emily!

  3. Thank you for sharing another side of you, Emily. Uni life is interesting! ^.^

    1. yup, it is interesting and sometimes pressure as well

  4. It's certainly great to be back to school! All the best to you, Emily! xoxo

  5. Wonderful post and lovely photos. :)

  6. Se ve genial la Universidad, saludos.

  7. School is always a priority! I wish you all the best luck with your studies :3
    Take care*

  8. Good luck wih your studies Emily, it is a very good thing. Kisses :)


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