Malaysia International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015 [Info]

Mask  has  been  used  by  man  for protection,  subterfuge,  performance  and  entertainment  for  the last few millennia. It is an item that exists in many cultures of the world, each with its own identity and function. For an instance, in Malaysia,  the  Orang  Asli  Mah  Meri  tribe  from  Carey  Island, Selangor, is well-known for its mask art. Thus,  Ministry  of  Tourism and Culture  (Motac)  via  the  National Department  for  Culture  and  Arts  (JKKN)  will  be  organising the first Malaysia International  Mask Festival  (MIMAF) 2015 from August13-16 at Esplanade, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park.

MIMAF is going to be a signature event that is deemed able to attract tourists fromall over the world to come to Malaysia.This festival also aims to instill  understanding on the local and international  community  socioculture  in  relation  with  the  mask by featuring the uniqueness of masks according to their motive and creation. It also exposes the characteristics, universality and variations of shape and design of  mask in  accordance with its  function and role.Therefore, KLCC as a landmark of Malaysia has been selected as the location for  this  event,  as it  is  a  base for  Malaysia’s  mosticonic shopping mall,  hosting a series of prominent and unique international brands. Its location in the centre of the city makes ita popular tourism destination, ideal for a large scale prestigious international event such as MIMAF. The  four-day  festival  involves  379  participants: Malaysia : 287 participants; Foreign countries : 92 participants.

MIMAF consists of five main components: performance, exhibition,demonstration,  competition  and  parade.   The  performance component  consists  of  gala,  country  and  pocket  showcases. Exhibition  will  feature  mask  and  costume,  demonstration  will emphasise  on  mask-painting  and  carving,  along  with  face  and helmet-painting. The competion aspect of MIMAF will highlight mask-painting and coloring,  while  the parade will  spotlight  the  use of  masks and costume—accompanied by grandiose music.The  main  showcase  will  feature  performances  from  allparticipating  countries,  while  the  showcases  will  be  held  invarious  tourist-attractive  places  such  as  the  Central  Market, Sungei Wang Plaza and Nu Sentral.

A one-kilometre mask parade will be held in the tourist-friendlyroads  such  as  Jalan  Ampang  (in  front  of  MaTiC),  Jalan  Sultan Ismail, Jalan P.Ramlee and Suria KLCC. 

Members  of  the  public  can  browse  MIMAF  official  Facebook fan page,  Malaysia  International  Mask  Festival for  manyinteresting and up-to-date information on MIMAF. Out visitors canalso  upload  ‘selfie’  and  ‘wefie’  pictures  with  the  hashtag #mymask2015 or  #mysenibudaya  to  social  media  accountsduring and after festival


  1. Oh very interesting event

  2. Looks like a really interesting Festival!
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  3. This Festival looks amazing ! Kisses :)

  4. I think i heard of this in the radio. Interesting leh.

  5. wow masks! pretty scary at times isnt it? :P

  6. Wish I'd known earlier - this looks like a great event! ^.^

    1. sobs...yeah should always open my blog yeah xoxo

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    1. hahaha ask someone to accompany you during the visit


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