50 Facts About Me

Recently I saw a lot of my friends sharing 20 facts about themselves in instagram and Facebook. Instead of sharing the information in social media platform as above, I choose to share in blog as I think it might be annoying for some friends in FB/Instagram if they are not interested with my boring 'facts'! LOL...And I think here is a better place as I never introduce myself enough to the readers who always stay tune to my blog. 

1. Born in KL and grown up in KL, KL is my hometown. (sadly no scholarship offered for anak KL, that’s why I bit jealous with my friends who staying in other states where they got scholarship from state government if they have good academic result.)

2. Currently a research student. (hopefully I can graduate after 5 years)

3. Single and available. (looking for suitable candidate now xoxo)

4. I’m pescatarian. (I consume fruits, vegetables, fish and other seafood but not poultry -chicken, duck, beef, lamb, pork, and turkey)

5. I like swimming. (although I’m just amateur), cycling, traveling, reading and other outdoor activities.

6. I’m Malaysian Chinese with only 158cm. (Asian standard la xo)

7. I look different if I did not make up. (low self esteem and loss of confident if I did not make up)

8. I like to explore and learn new things.

9. I’m a sentimental? person. (I will cry if I watch touching/sad story in movie but I will mop off my tear quickly so that nobody knows I’m crying)

10. I have driving license since many years ago but I never drive
. From 2015, I start driving.

11. I start working as part timer for tuition fee since 15 years old.

12. I’m quite an independent girl. (I make many decisions myself and inform my parents after confirm such as which secondary school to enroll, courses to study and etc)

13. I have an unforgotten experience where I walk with bare foot on the busy street in Puduraya (KL city centre) day time as both of my shoes damaged halfway crossing the road. (everyone staring at me like I'm a beggar ...sad)

14. My wish list is not about having any gadgets or branded products but publishes some books & learns to play sape and no.21.

15. I eat ice and even crave for it so it’s being called pagophagia. ( I know I should stop this bad habit but quite tough for me, I will only stop for a short period of time when I’m having period)

16. I have an elder brother and a younger brother. (I seldom talk to them)

17. I don’t sing and perhaps I don’t have a nice voice. (I just sang once during media trip when being enforced and dragged to the front...all thanks to the one who wrote my name to the emcee)

18. I play jokes but I’m serious during work.

19. I don’t tell problems/unhappy incidence I faced/encountered to my family members.

20. I like guys who are gentlemen, generous, considerate, independent, kind hearted, good temper and having a charming smile.

21. I wish the guy I love carries me on his back walking at the seaside even just for a while. (being poisoned by Korean drama perhaps xo)

22. If I have a crush on a guy, I will be too shy to look into his eyes when talking or not even dare to ask him out. (so you know if I have a crush on you)

23. I have acrophobia. (fear of height above 14th floor & boarding a plane)

24. I like chocolate and thus I like smell of cocoa butter on my body.

25. I don't like to watch ghost, violence, bloody scary movie. 

26. I can't accept my lover places his car more important than me. Why non living thing more crucial than a living thing?

27. I don't like friends call me suddenly (who not keep in touch for a long time) asking me out for reunion but actually they wanna sells me something (like MLM, insurance) 

28. I'm quite a fussy girl especially to food (preparation) and hygiene (wash hand before eating, no flies around, clean and dry plates & utensils)

29. I studied in SMK(P) Pudu (formerly being called PESS- Pudu English Secondary School) & SJI (St John Institution- Boy School) for Form 6. 

30. I like Chow Chow, a kind of dog breed.

31. The song "Just the way you are" is a first song dedicated to me by a guy and I really love it.

32. Look like I don't have a green finger, all I planted last time died in the end.

33. I'm not used to talk with 'boss' kind of level person as I scared I will say something wrong.

34. Now my hair is at the waist length, the longest I ever keep till someone said I look like the ghxst in movie who combs hair at the roadside in the midnight. =="

35. My pain tolerance is minimal.

36. I first started to write a blog when I was in uni in my friendster page. However, my friendster page already deleted and my old posts gone.

37. I don't like mother's boy type of guys....following his mum words 100% without his own opinion and those guys who wish his wife to be like his mother type.

38. If I don't talk with you meaning I angry with you.

39. If I message you and you don't reply, it just disappoint me.

40. If any question you ask I answer, but when I ask you something, you look like don't bother/ trying to make me like idiot to ask you again, you just make me angry with you. I will not talk to you anymore. 

41. I'm quite a straightforward person, if you want to hear the truth not sugar coated truth from me, make sure you have a strong heart and will not get mad with me.

42:Don't like yam cha session which basically gather together and talk nothing important

43: Don't like smoker

44: Don't like being forced and threaten to do something

45: If I smile at you but you ignore me, it seems rude to me.

46. Sharing the same cup of drink is something couples do and I will feel strange if a guy takes my drink suddenly without notify me.

47: If you purposely say something to hurt me and ask for my forgiveness every time, one day I will have enough of these and leave you away.

48: 2 married guys confessed to me but I turned him down as I don't want to be the third person in a relationship and I don't want other persons hurt and saddened with it.

49: I had anemia which I admitted to hospital for 3 packs of blood infusion. That;s the first time I admitted to hospital.

50: Learning swimming from my colleague which one of them was a former army. I wish to get diving license too after graduate.


  1. So far you a genuine person we have in common number 5,8,9, 25 I hate scary movies.
    As per number 7 you should feel confident you very pretty with or without makeup doll
    as per #20 we all want a guy like that he he. Looking forward to knowing more about you.

  2. Hello from Spain: I liked to know more. Keep in touch

  3. I love swimming and chocolate too :)
    I have acrophobia also
    and don't like scary movies!


    1. haha that's great to know some common between us

  4. Great post! Thank you for sharing c: I love fact #21 heheh
    ~Kiyomi <3

  5. well , i love swimming too
    and ghosts movies scare me
    keep in touch

  6. I love such posts as we can read more about you. Great sharing, Emily! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  7. Great job on this entry! Have an awesome day!


  8. Fabulous dear! great facts... nice personality doll!
    kisses from Miami,

  9. Ok lah. You are taller than me. You are younger and more beautiful than me.

    Love your facts, I think you are a cheerful and wonderful girl who enjoy life.

  10. I'm with you on the MLM thingy. I don't watch scary stuff either...lol. It's nice reading about you for a change :D

    1. nice to know a little bit more about you too

  11. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I think we all know you much better now.

  12. it's really fun to learn all of those things about you! can't wait for more :)

  13. Hi dear
    Great post!!
    I love knowing more about you :)

  14. Hello dear! is very good knowing things about others peoples, one fact about me, I love to sing and write songs hahahhaha >.<


  15. This is the nice entry and we can know more about Emily Tang ^_^


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