Tedmi app launch

I was invited for Tedmi launch in 22 July at Cathay Cineplex, e curve shopping mall. Tedmi has nothing to do with Redmi gadget for your notice. It was established much earlier before Redmi entered into Malaysia market.

By the way, the launch is a bit disorganized for me and my friend. There was no mention in email or even signboard at the entrance or staff informed us there was light dinner prepared for guests at the platinum suite. I straight away went into a empty hall and seated until my friend bumped into me and told me there was food served at the lower floor (that's dinner time....)


I did not have the itinerary of the event from the organizer. And my friend and I were like headless chicken when there was no emcee introducing or have a brief for the rundown.


They kicked off with song presentation in sudden.


Followed by speech from the founder, Andrew Lim introducing the app in Mandarin. I really hope he did it in English as there were audiences that can't understand Mandarin.

He stopped in the middle and without introducing anything, then started the performance by a dance academy. Haha I rarely complained unless it was bad. Hope they improve next time.


I heard Tedmi collaborated with a lot of brands and most important the app is free. Thus, I download their app and try to look what's interesting inside. Hmm...the homepage tab is not something I like about.  It is not posted by my friend and just like a news feed.

The second tab is QR code scanner. When you redeem the ticket, you need to scan the code at the owner's phone for the offer.


Tedmi sounds like Pet Me, Tag Me. For every registered member, you will be given a virtual identity as a pet character. You have to play with it to gain points for goodies redemption in real.

For every 10 minutes, there will be 3 tickets for your to redeem. Tickets are offers from shops. You can choose to save it or close it without saving. Tickets need to be used before expire.

One of the good deal is the free lollipop ice cream from Kindori, located at Pavilion KL shopping mall. 

That's my lollipop ice cream from the merchant. Will share more with you guys if I find any good deals :D


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Lolipop ice is great idea for hot weather, which we have now in Poland.

  3. Wow, so many new apps coming up these days! Cool! xoxo

  4. Cool app thanks for the information.

  5. Oh dear, hope you still had fun!


  6. whoa, interesting app to use :) look like a good event too.


  7. Oh dear, too bad the event wasn't organised well. The app looks nice. :)


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