All about noodles @ Noodle Station, Midvalley Megamall

This is not a food review but simple update of food that I had with my friends at a shopping mall in Malaysia.


This restaurant was recommended by my friend as she liked the handmade noodles here so much.

When we walked in after lunch time, there were many empty seats available. By the way the restaurant is pork free.

My plate of Fried Kway Teow. Almost same portion with the one at night market.

She ordered Spicy noodle soup (spicy trio). I was awed by her great tolerance to spiciness. This is one of the specialty dish of the restaurant.I should try this next time.

There came the big glass of our peach ice tea.

Trying out my WIFI controlled camera with my smartphone when taking our selfie :D


  1. Very delcious now I need to get lunch this got me hungry.

  2. we have noodle bars in Germany and I love going to them.

  3. Ohhh this place sounds like heavent o me since I really love noodles!!
    Take care*

  4. Wefie looked good.

    Must bookmark this place when visit MidValley.

  5. This looks like a great place to hang out. I love the ambiance and the food looks yummy. ^.^

  6. look so delicious
    I wanna to go a Malasia some day :)

  7. Amazing restaurant, I love noodles!! :D

  8. The noodles look yummy, Emily! Nice shots! xoxo

  9. I love noodles, so it's place for me :)

  10. I love fried kuey teow... This restaurant looks nice...


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