My Beauty Parcel from Muffinbeauty


Can anyone guess how old is she? If you are aware of the current news, you might know about her. The sexy Chinese model in the picture is Candy Law, who is 50 years old now with 3 kids. Bewildered? Age is just a number for her, what about us? It's time to take good care of ourselves now, perhaps we will look like her when we are 50 later. 


There would be less travel post this month. Meanwhile, I want to introduce you guys a beauty website. That's a website which you can look for beauty products reviews before purchasing. Does not it sound great? Compiled user reviews which serves as a great guideline for beauty products shopping.


Not long ago, I received a beauty parcel from Muffinbeauty to review their website and the products. All products were not packed in a box as other bloggers had but in a gift bag (shown in picture above). Nevertheless, nothing broken, all in good condition, and I have no complains about it. It comes with a piece of welcoming note from Muffinbeauty.


Here all the products I received from Muffinbeauty.

  Neesya Brightening Night Rejuvenator 50 ml (made in Malaysia)

 Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm 06 Charm

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque 30g (made in Taiwan); Mustela PhysiObebe 50ml (made in France)
Well, a bit surprise when I got Mustela PhysiObebe as it is a  cleanser for baby and I don't even have a baby my own and in my home. I went to read reviews about Mustela PhysiObebe in Muffinbeauty then only I notice it can be used as makeup remover too. LOL


So if you are beauty lover and reside in Malaysia, why not write your reviews about the products you used to share with others? Not only that, you will be rewarded with 50-100 points for every approved reviews posted. You can redeem the points with products available at the muffinbeauty with your accumulated points in the end. 

I wanna try the 3CE products, but my points still very low. Please help me on that yeah...details below

It is as easy as eating peanuts. Hahaha...Sign up now as a member and get your first 500 points and invite your friends for extra 50 points for every of them joined. Sign up here yeah to help me earn some points :D Hugs


  1. cool, wait for Neesya Brightening Night review :D

  2. You got so much goodies loving the shade of lipstick.

  3. Wow, 50 years old like 20. Must be everyone wants to be like her ^-^

  4. The lipstick looks really nice :3

  5. shopping! :D

  6. Nice bad of goodies, Emily. I am excited for you! ^.^

    1. yup
      hope u join the community and get yours soon with your accumulated points

  7. Very nice products !
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  8. 50 years old? Wow, she looks younger then me!

    1. haha that's why we need to take good care of ourselves


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