My Review on SkinSoul Hydra-Purifying Cleanser

I have shared my experience as a user for SkinSoul Facial Towelettes, now I'm going to share about others. I got the products in travel size and has been using for around 2 weeks of time.

 Hydra -Purifying Cleanser
With loads and skin vitamins and minerals from organically grown Ashitaba and enriched with the lightening properties of daisy flower extracts, this all-natural formulation cleanses thoroughly but gently, while brightening and moisturizing skin for a pearly , translucent glow.

Ashitaba is a key ingredient in all the skincare range of SkinSoul, so what is Ashitaba?
Ashitaba is a perennial plant that has thrived for centuries in the rich volcanic soil of Hachi Jo Island in Japan, constantly wahed and purifies by the pristine tide of the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese name Ashitaba, literally translates as  "tomorrow's leaf" owing to the miraculous ability of this super plant of the tropics to regenerate itself when injured, by growing fresh, new sprouts overnight. 


Test on removing lipstick stain and eyeliner


Pour some cleanser on pre-moistened skin


Massage lightly  and all stains are gone. The texture of the cleanser does not feel oily and soap less.

Rinse with water and it is clean. My hand does not feel dry but moisturzed. I really like its cleanser :D

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