Ling Hui's Wedding Banquet @ Le Meridien Hotel KL

I have graduated with Bachelor degree from UPM for a very long time. I rarely keep in contact with my ex course mates and 2 weeks before her wedding, I got a message from Ling Hui asking me if I could attend her wedding banquet in Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur held on last Saturday, 1 August 2015. The very last time I met her was in Guardian event at Aloft Hotel back to 2014 when she represented her company for an award.All the while, I only follow her update in her instagram and Facebook.

Talking about Ling Hui, she is a pretty and smart girl in my course. The first impression I got when I met her was she looks like a Caucasian/ mix blood-Pan Asian girl. Yet, she is a pure Chinese :D I heard she got a lot of secret admirers last time and finally she settled down with her loved one. Her handsome hubby is an engineer. 

Her wedding photos were taken in Shanghai. I flipped through the album and all the photos were so nice! Thus, I took a whole set of the "sister photos' that were given away for guests. For Chinese wedding in Malaysia, we normally put a few pieces of "sister photos' at the table outside the ballroom for the guests to take back as a memory.

 The ballroom looks grand with all the lighting at the top. It was a bit awkward when sitting down with my ex-course mates who I never keep in contact after graduated. What else, they all came with partners and I'm alone :( But I did not stay quiet and start to make conversation with someone around me.

That was another souvenir for guests to take back. I brought it back and put in refrigerator. I did not unpack it and I guess it is a chocolate.

There was another march in after the bride changed her gown. This time, it was a bit different. They walked on the red carpet till the midway and started to dance with music until their seats. OMG, I never know they are such sporting!

I don't like to eat their fried rice and thus I sneaked out from the ballroom a while. Coincidentally, Megan and Yei Sang with her baby were also loitering at the outside, thus I asked for photo together. As the bride and groom were busy entertaining other guests, we decided to take the photo with their poster. The perfect pair of handsome hubby and gorgeous wife :D



Some of my ex-course mates are mummy now. Oh how time flies! Her baby is cute and adorable.

So I asked if I could carry her in my arm for photo, and I was happy when Yei Sang said yes to me :D I wish to have a baby perhaps twins in future. 

 Babies communicating with each other xoxo

Yi Pei in yellow gown is a dietitian in Singapore hospital while her boy friend is an engineer. I guess I will receive another red bomb soon :D

Finally the wine toasting ceremony of the bride and groom with all the guests at each table. That's the only time we managed to get a chance to take group photo with both of them.

 lovely Ling Hui

The food served by Le Meridien is considered ok. Nevertheless, I have no idea why the chef put the prawns in the fried noodle and at the plate which have no difference in taste. In other place, the prawns normally cooked with deep fried and another half of the portions were served with salad. In conclusion, I guess that's for decoration purpose.



the longan sweet soup

For people with sweet tooth, this is definitely something you like it.

Here some sister photos that I took back as a memory and reference next time :P


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