All Things Girl Launch @ Sunway Piramid

If you are Hong Kong drama fans, certainly you will know who are Priscilla Wong 黄翠如, Elana Kong 江美仪 and Joyce Tang 藤丽名! They are quite popular in Hong Kong and China. Well, I love to watch their drama and I was excited to have a chance to meet them in Sunway Piramid last week :D

 The Meet and Greet session was started with quiz from emcee. All the winners were happy with the goodies bag they won :D

After waiting about 30 minutes, finally they made their appearance in front of the local media and audiences.

By the time they officiated the event, the balloons at the top fell down to our seats. Inside some balloons, there were RM5 vouchers to be spent on pure beauty products.

Priscilla Wong 黄翠如, Elana Kong 江美仪 and Joyce Tang 藤丽名were greeted by nearly 500 Malaysian fans and shoppers at the launch of All Things Girl infotainment program at Sunway Piramid.

 All Things Girl is a joint collaboration between Astro and TVB sponsored by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watson. The program will start aired on 6 September 2015 at 9pm on Astro's Wah Lai Toi and Wah Lai Toi HD channels respectively. 

During the launch, the Hong Kong artists gave a special hindsight of what was to expect from the special 6 episodes program.

"Each of us will host each episode to cover a topic relevant to women nowadays. And there will be special guests invited for every episode to speak on the topic and that every woman can relate to," said Elena during the stage interview with the audience. 

Elena Kong, the veteran artist is one of the Hong Kong celebrities that I like. I love her role in Triumph in the Skies 衝上云霄, a drama about the life of pilot and stewardess at the plane.

 Three of them also shared on some personal beauty tips with us.

Some games with Hong Kong artists on the stage. Selected contestants from the audience are given a chance to promote the Pure Beauty products to the celebrity and modeling with the products xoxo

Such a fun evening and wrap up for the day. It was funny seeing a guy modeling with the products. Well, if you have Astro, don't forget to stay tune for the beauty infotainment program on 6 September yeah :D


  1. sounds like a fun event. Have a great weekend.

  2. I like the title of the beauty they going to launch what a way to introduce it awesome.

  3. wow, you are everywhere in m'sia! :)

    1. hahaha
      still someplaces I have not pay a visit

  4. Wow, Emily, what beautiful photos of this wonderful event! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  5. You must have nice time!

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  6. What a star-studded event. Emily! Must've been fun! xoxo

  7. Wah, Hong Kong popular artists come to Malaysia...


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