A visit to Malaysia Genome Institute

Throwback post today...
I'm sharing some photos of Malaysia Genome Institute which I able to pay a visit as my course required last semester. New semester coming soon and I guess it will be pretty hectic with lab works and course works. I still have 6 credit hours left :(

MGI is located somewhere near Bangi/ UKM, quite isolated I have to say.


The first lab we visited was genetic lab which get me excited as I wish to learn more about it. Always like to learn something new and exploring is thing I like to do. Passion perhaps? Look at the screen...the red dots showing genes downregulated while green dots showing genes upregulated when comparing control and treat groups. Ok, I don't want to get you guys confuse...let's see what other things in the lab.


The platform to insert the pico titer plate


The pico titer plate costs around RM11k+ for single use only. Thus to run the genome study, expect a budget of RM35k+. 


HPLC coupled with MS and proteomic machine


Our last visit is to have a look on NMR lab. We had been told the NMR machine is very sensitive hence we were told to put our bag at the rack before we approaching the machine.

The best NMR machine in Malaysia so far. Cost around RM7 million used for structural elucidation of the compound. To use NMR to run your sample, it is chargeable at RM200+/- per sample.


That's how the data on NMR analysing software look like....with all the peaks which one need to identify and draw the structure of the compound based on the information of the peak and the time.Ok, that's how my study is all about. Something I don't really know and try to get an understanding of it. That's fear when you think you don't know everything sometimes but I will keep a positive mind that I just come here to learn, I don't become an expert within a short period of time but learn through all the mistakes. That's what life  about :D


  1. Very detail post this institute is very interesting.

  2. Wow! I went blur over those terms. Hehe.

  3. looks and sounds like a fun lab to study at.


  4. Oh gosh! so scientific for me. Interesting to know the inside information because don't think we can just pop in for a visit , right?

    1. haha yeah it needs permission or letter to pay a visit there

  5. Very interesting and detailed post!!

  6. Phew! This is really something different. All the best in your studies, Emily. :)

  7. Wow, it looks very complex for me... all the best for your study ^-^


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