Sunday, August 30, 2015

C Michael Hair Party @ Muse by Watsons, Sunway Piramid

After attending Meet and Greet session at the Orange Concourse, we went off to #CMHAIRPARTY at Muse by Watsons to have a look as both events located at the same place :D

C Micheal is a hair salon. They are selling hair products as well in Watsons and Muse by Watsons.

Nevertheless, C Michael professional hair products range only available at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Piramid.


What I like about Muse by Watsons compared with Watsons outlets is the comfy make up counter for you to sit down and test on their products before purchasing.


There is free hair analysis offered for customers to choose the right product with useful tips to take care of your hair and scalp on that day.


Embarrass to say I have oily scalp at the middle of my head that causes me to have hair fall problem besides dry and frizzy hair. Even though I'm using the middle range of hair products, doing hair mask treatment once a week, it seem like not enough that I need to get a hand from professional to solve my problem.


There is a nice deal on that day. Purchase any C Michael hair products with any value (lowest price of the range is around RM28+/-) to get a free makeup and free hair styling plus free coffee from Cosans Coffee during the #CMHAIRPARTY event. It would be great if you have party or important function to attend that night as you could save some money and time with a nice touch up from professional!

Free coffee for any purchase of C Michael products. Here comes the 4 choices in the menu.

 selfie during the event


The yummylicious Mississippi Mud Pie is one of the Cosans signature cakes. It is not too sweet and soft to bite! It is free to take on that day without any purchase and I have two or perhaps more if no one there xoxo

 Goodies bag for anyone who upload the event photo at Instagram. It comes with C Michael salon discount voucher and a travel size conditioner!
photo credit to Joanne Wee
She becomes my company for event nowadays. We knew each other in April 2014 during Nivea TVC part time job. Feel sorry sometimes when I become a "big bulb" when she brought her bf together for events that I invited her. Lets our friendship stay longer :D 最后还是希望自己可以找到那个可以令我傻笑,我可以令他开心的那位,那么我也不用当电灯泡了。

Friday, August 28, 2015

All Things Girl Launch @ Sunway Piramid

If you are Hong Kong drama fans, certainly you will know who are Priscilla Wong 黄翠如, Elana Kong 江美仪 and Joyce Tang 藤丽名! They are quite popular in Hong Kong and China. Well, I love to watch their drama and I was excited to have a chance to meet them in Sunway Piramid last week :D

 The Meet and Greet session was started with quiz from emcee. All the winners were happy with the goodies bag they won :D

After waiting about 30 minutes, finally they made their appearance in front of the local media and audiences.

By the time they officiated the event, the balloons at the top fell down to our seats. Inside some balloons, there were RM5 vouchers to be spent on pure beauty products.

Priscilla Wong 黄翠如, Elana Kong 江美仪 and Joyce Tang 藤丽名were greeted by nearly 500 Malaysian fans and shoppers at the launch of All Things Girl infotainment program at Sunway Piramid.

 All Things Girl is a joint collaboration between Astro and TVB sponsored by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watson. The program will start aired on 6 September 2015 at 9pm on Astro's Wah Lai Toi and Wah Lai Toi HD channels respectively. 

During the launch, the Hong Kong artists gave a special hindsight of what was to expect from the special 6 episodes program.

"Each of us will host each episode to cover a topic relevant to women nowadays. And there will be special guests invited for every episode to speak on the topic and that every woman can relate to," said Elena during the stage interview with the audience. 

Elena Kong, the veteran artist is one of the Hong Kong celebrities that I like. I love her role in Triumph in the Skies 衝上云霄, a drama about the life of pilot and stewardess at the plane.

 Three of them also shared on some personal beauty tips with us.

Some games with Hong Kong artists on the stage. Selected contestants from the audience are given a chance to promote the Pure Beauty products to the celebrity and modeling with the products xoxo

Such a fun evening and wrap up for the day. It was funny seeing a guy modeling with the products. Well, if you have Astro, don't forget to stay tune for the beauty infotainment program on 6 September yeah :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Journey of Taste @ Pavilion KL


Last Thursday, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination offered a media preview of Journey of Taste today at the Dining Loft. 

From 1st to 30th September, Journey of Taste will offer shoppers a journey of food trails, promotions and events. With over 150 F&B tenants, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur definitely offers differential dining experiences for all occasions and across all age groups.

At the media preview that was designed to resemble a bustling food hall, Ms. Kung Suan Ai, Director of Marketing, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Eric Wong, Head of Customer Franchise, Citibank Berhad and Mr. Tony Thong, Senior Manager, Business & Financial Management of Visa Malaysia; officiated the event by placing the first stamp on a giant food passport, as a preview to the start of the food journey.
La Bodega
The Counter
La Juiceria
Together with other guests, I was then taken to discover the offering that ranged from local to international cuisine, featuring Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s own tenants such as  La Bodega, The Counter, Serai, Al Halabi, KyoChon, Ichiban Boshi, Chatime, La Juiceria, Starbucks, Twelve Cupcakes, and J CO Donuts. To my surprise, Remy Martin and Somersby drinks were also available for alcohol drinker. It was truly a foodie’s dream as guests savoured a variety of delectable food and beverages to their heart’s content.  


Such a satisfying gastronomic journey for me...

To make the journey even more exciting, the mall has lined up a series of promotions, cooking workshops and food demonstrations for all, children included. In conjunction with truffles season in September, Azzurro Café has dedicated a Taste of Tuscany menu which incorporates truffles all the way from the city of Arezzo, east of Tuscany, into a variety of dishes. In addition, there will be the first-ever block party held in a mall, where shoppers are encouraged to go restaurant-hopping along Connection, to try out the beer-pairing menus offered in collaboration with the Carlsberg group of beers. 

Throughout this period, visitors can visit Journey of Taste and enjoy exclusive promotions and special menus at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. As Citi is the official bank partner in collaboration with Visa, Citi cardholders will enjoy a 20% discount on selected menus and food items, while complimentary food vouchers can be redeemed by collecting stamps with every RM50 spent on the Citi credit card, or RM80 for non-Citi cardholders.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My Review on SkinSoul Hydra-Purifying Cleanser

I have shared my experience as a user for SkinSoul Facial Towelettes, now I'm going to share about others. I got the products in travel size and has been using for around 2 weeks of time.

 Hydra -Purifying Cleanser
With loads and skin vitamins and minerals from organically grown Ashitaba and enriched with the lightening properties of daisy flower extracts, this all-natural formulation cleanses thoroughly but gently, while brightening and moisturizing skin for a pearly , translucent glow.

Ashitaba is a key ingredient in all the skincare range of SkinSoul, so what is Ashitaba?
Ashitaba is a perennial plant that has thrived for centuries in the rich volcanic soil of Hachi Jo Island in Japan, constantly wahed and purifies by the pristine tide of the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese name Ashitaba, literally translates as  "tomorrow's leaf" owing to the miraculous ability of this super plant of the tropics to regenerate itself when injured, by growing fresh, new sprouts overnight. 


Test on removing lipstick stain and eyeliner


Pour some cleanser on pre-moistened skin


Massage lightly  and all stains are gone. The texture of the cleanser does not feel oily and soap less.

Rinse with water and it is clean. My hand does not feel dry but moisturzed. I really like its cleanser :D

For other products information, you can refer to here:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Uni Life

Recent updates of my uni life...


That's how my faculty looks like...


I never know there are white cranes there until I saw it one day on the way back home :D


My supervisor's inaugural lecture on last Friday. It was given to all as a requirement/ protocol for a professor to be promoted. I was very happy that day as I able to catch up with a few seniors who are now lecturers in other local universities.


Kak Azizah and Dr Khoo 
No much idea with Kak Azizah as she already left to continue teaching in UITM Shah Alam while writing her thesis. I only able to see her a few times only in postgraduate room last semester. She seldom come too even though she sat besides me. Dr Khoo, that will be such a long story to tell...hahaha my senior who I know about 7 years of time. He is now a post-doctorate student / research fellow at our faculty. He is such a hardworking man and always dedicated to his work. We often argue about some science facts and I will always find him to ask for something I'm not sure or when I have problems seeking solution. Guess what? It will be non stop conversation as he is opinionated. Therefore, sometimes I end up doing nothing if I could not stop the conversation with him. LOL...Still I respect him and a role model even though he always demotivate me. I take his negative words as a way to motivate me. Some friends really like to say both of us got 'scandal' but I wanna say there is nothing between us besides research, study/work. I don't even have any jealousy when he is close with any girls or talking about other girls. He is my valuable friend which I treasure his knowledge in research.


The person standing at the right is Dr Kong from UM medicine department who did Master in UPM under my supervisor last time. Haha he is 2 batch older than me. Thus, some of my course mates like to see him and said he is very handsome. Guess he knows too...Time flies, he is now a father. I pm him in FB the day before my sv inaugural lecture as I saw his inteview in one of the local travel magazine given by my friend. Unexpectedly he came the next day xoxo Story never end like this...he pm me one day asking me to grab him the magazine and pass it to Dr Khoo as he is very busy till no time to get it at book store...I was like OMG! Is that UM lecturers' life? So I said to him:" Senior never mind, I will give you my one once I finish reading" :D

During my FYP time, my supervisor assign each of his FYP student with his postgraduate student to mark our thesis draft and giving guidance for our project. And Lye Yee is my senior assigned by my sv to guide my FYP. She is now lecturer in Taylors Uni and soon she will continue her PhD. Currently she brings her student to register in UPM perhaps of a cheaper study fee here (1 semester fee around RM 2300 +/- vs RM 10k+/- in private uni) to do her master.

Going to start lab work soon...


Washing the vials with my painting brush and some detergent to make all clean...Well, I spent a whole evening doing the cleaner job xoxo...
Dr Khoo said must clean it thoroughly so that we could get a nice peak in HPLC later. Dr Khoo, Marina (not here- UITM lecturer taking leave for doing PhD study here) and I are co-operating of doing the standard measurement using HPLC. One standard costs around RM1k+/-,imagine we use 12 standards are already RM12k+/-. And always one have to wait a long time to get the chemicals especially standards, estimated around 4 months after submitting RO form.Thus, we decided working together and use the result for our samples.


That's my first time being in main library after 1 year back here. I was lost when trying to find the thesis corner. Luckily there is signboard around. Less students in the library during semester break and I like the silence which gives me a peace of mind.


Craving for waffle and I got one from a shop near the library. Costs RM3.5 much expensive than the one selling at my fac.Well, the second day I come I decided to take a uni bus from main library to my fac but end up I got a notice from the driver saying that there is no bus service from 15-23 August. Immediately I called 2 friends who staying outside campus if they are coming over to fac today to give me a fetch if not I will need to go back home. It is impossible to walk from main campus to my fac. That's something I wonder during my first year why my fac has to be built so far away from the other/ main campus till we are like totally isolated? LOL....the same question pop up in my mind when I need to travel to main campus every time.

I have come across some people/friends/ uni mates/ juniors asking me a question, why you think of coming back to further study after so many years? Well, I will tell you guys again in future post...

My priority now is my study. I will not mind if I do not get any blogger trip in future if they find that I'm not always agree with them. But one thing for sure I really appreciate for the opportunity given to join them. I'm not joining for fun and most of the time I ask myself first if the trip beneficial to me (knowledge gained?) or giving me a chance of learning new things in my life before I RSVP. The next thing is if I have time to write for them after return from the trip. That's the best way to express my gratitude instead of saying thank you always in the group chats and someone might be bored of hearing it.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A visit to Malaysia Genome Institute

Throwback post today...
I'm sharing some photos of Malaysia Genome Institute which I able to pay a visit as my course required last semester. New semester coming soon and I guess it will be pretty hectic with lab works and course works. I still have 6 credit hours left :(

MGI is located somewhere near Bangi/ UKM, quite isolated I have to say.


The first lab we visited was genetic lab which get me excited as I wish to learn more about it. Always like to learn something new and exploring is thing I like to do. Passion perhaps? Look at the screen...the red dots showing genes downregulated while green dots showing genes upregulated when comparing control and treat groups. Ok, I don't want to get you guys confuse...let's see what other things in the lab.


The platform to insert the pico titer plate


The pico titer plate costs around RM11k+ for single use only. Thus to run the genome study, expect a budget of RM35k+. 


HPLC coupled with MS and proteomic machine


Our last visit is to have a look on NMR lab. We had been told the NMR machine is very sensitive hence we were told to put our bag at the rack before we approaching the machine.

The best NMR machine in Malaysia so far. Cost around RM7 million used for structural elucidation of the compound. To use NMR to run your sample, it is chargeable at RM200+/- per sample.


That's how the data on NMR analysing software look like....with all the peaks which one need to identify and draw the structure of the compound based on the information of the peak and the time.Ok, that's how my study is all about. Something I don't really know and try to get an understanding of it. That's fear when you think you don't know everything sometimes but I will keep a positive mind that I just come here to learn, I don't become an expert within a short period of time but learn through all the mistakes. That's what life  about :D

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