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Hello all, welcome to my blog.

My name is Emily, I'm the owner of this site. I start to blog in 2010 at Blogspot while I had another one before this, so-called " Friendster" platform but it was gone by now. I changed the domain from sunrise-emily.blogpot.com to www.imemily.com since it will be easier to remember by all.

At the very initial start, I just write some nonsense and also a bit of my travel journal. Never did I expected I will continue to write that long until today. I used to be a fulltime blogger. But being a fulltime blogger is not enough to sustain. I now a fulltime PhD student in Malaysia local university with government scholarship (in case you curious how I survive without income). Occasionally, I have some sponsored posts in my blog and that's just a little small income.

Maintaining a blog with regular posting and catching up with my PhD works (writing the manuscripts for research publication, reading journals, thesis, lab works) is not an easy job. Thus, I very selective to invitations and events that are related to my field of expertise (nutrition and community health, health sciences ~ update myself with latest knowledge and technology advancement), something intriguing or perhaps some perks (if better some money to pay my tuition fee & expensive hands-on workshops i.e transcriptomic, flow cytometry, microarray to list a few for self-improvement). Every posting in this blog sometimes requires half to whole day editing which is very time consuming apart from attending the event itself. 

I tried my best to post an article written every Friday which mostly will be travel related. If time is allowed, I will have another posting on Monday. There is time gap for every post so that readers will have time to go through every one of it besides maintaining the quality of the write-up.


Currently, I have a book chapter written and the book is available online for sale. Unfortunately, I don't have any commission for the book sold there. To me, it is more like an experience, from the draft to a real book sold to the public. I helped my senior, a postdoctorate (who he came to me to ask for help) supervised by the editors to proofread from returned first proof to the final copy (for every chapter that even not written by me and I don't charge any money for that). I do fight with him for every single mistake that I found.

I don't have any free copy for my hard work instead I have to dig out my pocket money to buy. I only keep a copy for myself. Well, my senior got 3 free copies from his supervisor aka editor and he claimed that his sv told him to keep another 2 for visiting professor from oversea who visits them in future =.=" (if you know how I feel)

accessible: https://www.upmpress.com.my/product/functional-foods-wonder-of-the-world-evidence-based-functional-foods-in-health-disease/

For scientific write-up, I have another publication entitled: "Anthocyanidins and anthocyanins: colored pigments as food, pharmaceutical ingredients, and the potential health benefits."
accessible: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5613902/

After all, I still have lots of research works to write up. I target to finish my thesis by end of this year. If you happened to read this, and you want to help me by sponsor a guest post/ article in my blog or inviting me to be nutrition speaker or influencer to share travel experience, you could write in to me (souteng@yahoo.com) as well :) Cheers!


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