Samsung Get To Know Blogger Exclusive Gathring @ The Pool

The event was named Samsung Get To Know Blogger Exclusive Gathering. 

I am Samsung phone user, my friend and family too are Samsung users. So you know how much we love Samsung! So, I was honored to be invited to attend the event by Samsung which was exclusive overall.

我是Samsung 手机用户,朋友家人都是。所以可想而知,我们多爱Samsung! 所以,我很荣幸受邀参与Samsung 举办的活动,而且还是‘独家’的哦,只有受邀的才可以出席。

The event was held at The Pool, Jalan Ampang. We were greeted with blue and white balloons at the entrance which represented Samsung logo. At the entrance, Yuki from Manoah Consulting and her fiancee already waiting for our arrivals. She handed me a Samsung wrist band which was a thumbdrive, Samsung portable mini speaker and a biscuit with Samsung logo on it

活动地点在The Pool, Jalan Ampang。大门口都有蓝白色的气球作摆设来欢迎来宾。在门口处,Yuki和他丈夫已在等候我们的来临。登记时,他给了我Samsung 手腕带(其实是个随身碟),Samsung 可携带迷你喇叭和印有Samsung 字眼的饼干。

With the pool at the mid of the place, now I know how is the name coming from.


Inside, the deck, oil lamps, ornaments were nicely decorated in blue and white colours. I was truly amazed by their efforts of making the place well-matched with the theme.


The evening started with a speech by Donovan from Manoah Consulting. Following by that was a short video presentation of Samsung technology.

活动的开始便是由来自Manoah Consulting 的Donovan 上台发表言论。接着便是Samsung 的短片呈现。

You may check the video here. We all laughed by the creativity of the storyline of the video ^^


We then adjourned for some chows and liquids.


Meanwhile, we were all encouraged to check out the Samsung's TecTiles application, which uses Samsung's NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Simply turn on the NFC app and tap against the circle to see the message. At the end of the night, there will be winners for those who were able to answer some questions on this app.

同一时间,我们也受促去看看使用Samsung's NFC (Near Field Communication) 科技操作的Samsung's TecTiles 软件。只需打开手机的NFC 软件和把它轻打在圆圈上就可以看到讯息。过后,他们将会宣布能够使用该软件作答的赢家。

The night continues on and everyone grouped together for more networking. 


Thanks for all the doorgifts and again thanks Manoah Consulting for giving me such opportunity.

感谢Manoah Consulting 给我此机会来参与这活动以及这些手礼赠送。


  1. 我也想出席这样的活动!!! =]

  2. It seems lika a nuce event...
    Keep in touch


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