Ramadhan Bazaar in Setapak Jaya

有个朋友很喜欢去ramadhan 市场寻找美食。他说ramadhan 的食物很多,有很多的选择,价钱也不会很贵,而且一年才摆那一个月而已,所以这段期间他也喜欢逛ramadhan 市场。而我似乎也受到他的影响,下午6点便赶来Setapak Jaya 这里的市场看看。

I have a friend who likes to go ramadhan bazaar to hunt for food. He says ramadhan food has a great variety and price is not expensive too. Meanwhile, there is only once in a year, therefore, he likes to come to ramadhan bazaar for food. That day, under his influence, we departed to Setapak Jaya ramadhan bazaar at 6pm.

这Setapak Jaya ramadhan 市场坐落在一个湖边和一个回教堂附近。我们把车停泊在市场的对面街道,然后步行到里面去看看。

Setapak Jaya ramadhan bazaar located beside a lake and a mosque. We park our car opposite the bazaar, walk towards the street where bazaar is located.

这市场不算很大,呈现 'I' 字型的ramadhan 市场食物方面也应有尽有。

The bazaar is not big, but the variety of food is many to choose from.

走着走着,突然间看到这个蓝白色三角形的东西,有点好奇,便上前去看个究竟。原来是Celcom 的车子!前几天看友人的部落格,得知Celcom 在25 日早上10-12点之间在雪隆某3个收费站免费派送30张flyer 以换取免费的Celcom Dongle, 在好奇心的驱使下,便跑上前看看,一边是看有什么好康头。

While walking and hunting for food, we saw something upfront with a blue and white big triangle thing that made us curious, so we decided to have a look. That was a celcom car! Few days ago, I saw my friend posted a blog regarding Celcom distributed flyers to public at 3 selected tolls for them to redeem Celcom Dongle at bluecube. Then, we went in front and have a look to see any good bargain available.


We saw a blue man appeared on the spot in front of the Celcom car. People who passed by threw a surprising expression and next they wanted to have a photo shoot with him.

据说这dongle 用法良多,超过3个方法来接通如插去电脑,powerbank, 家里3插头,车子的插头等哦!速度是21 Mbps 而且是可达10GB 那么多!

I heard Celcom dongle benefits its users by more than 3 ways. One can plugs in to laptop, powerbank, car charger and etc! The surfing speed is 21 Mbps and data volume get up to max 10GB!

这是dongle 的真面目,值RM159.

Raya  即将要来临,平时在回家的路上一定会塞车,这时候在车上有个Celcom PortaWifi 感觉如何?乘客们可以在车上上网游览,处理些邮件或者看戏也可以,以让本来漫长无聊的车程变得更轻松,更好玩!

Since raya is around the corner, and usually the roads will be jam. At this moment, if we have Celcom PortaWifi in the car, how would you feel? All passengers can surf the net, checking email or playing games, the boring journey of balik kampung becomes more fun and exciting!


We stayed until late night only then we back home. My hand feel itchy to try on the new service provided!


  1. 不用给月费就可以上网?

  2. dongle 和 sim pack 是免费的,有分prepaid 和postpaid,

  3. 那回马口的时候你还可以上网咯!


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