Cellnique Melanolysis O2 Therapy Launching


Last month I was again invited for beauty product technology launching, this time was brand from Cellnique. Besides their products, they do have beauty salon named Cres.

Cellnique 的老板来自马来西亚,当天他也说到会把产品推销去中国市场,与Shiseido分一杯羹。

Founder of Cellnique is Malaysian. He talked about his recent plan to sell the products to China, competing with Shiseido.

Melanolysis O2 Therapy
That day they did not go deeply explaining each of the product and ingredients as well as functions, or I miss it?

They just passed us a booklet of all products, which really make me dizzy looking at it. Therefore, I just summarize few important points here:

Melanolysis O2 Concentrate wt Aminoguanidine & L-ascorbic Acid
Infused with Aminoguanidine and L-ascorbic Acid, Melanolysis O2 Concentrate lightens the overall skin tone, helps sooth the excess melanin production while minimizing dark spots and age spots, leading to more luminous, transparent skin.

Melanolysis O2 Masque wt Per uorodecalin (PFD)
This oxygen masque helps purify the skin, providing an even-toned appearance, dewy glow and optimum hydration.
Loaded with Per uorodecalin (PFD), it instantly revive dull, stressed skin by delivering a targeted burst of oxygen,
supporting skin regeneration and diminishing the appearance of dark spots.

AHA Active Skin Renewal Gel Complex II
The therapeutic properties of AHA Active Skin Renewal Gel Complex II helps reduce wrinkles, impacts on the papillary dermis and reticular dermis that can lead to dermal changes, including synthesis of new collagen and epidermal thickening.

Melanolysis O2 Essence Masque wt Apple Stem cell & Black Pearl
An unique blend of Black Pearl and Camu Camu Extract which helps regulate pigmentation and heightened skin re ectiveproperties by re ning and smoothing skin texture. While Apple Stem Cell progressively rehydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiantly alive.

*Target Group*
1. 过度劳累的皮肤Overworked and stressed skin
2. 色素沉淀的肌肤Dull and hyperpigmented skin
3. 肤色不均匀Uneven skin tone

For more information, please visit www.cellnique.com


  1. I love Cellnique!! You're so lucky to get invited in their event :)

    1. if u in KL, I can ask u to go together since u like the product so much ^^

  2. Hi Emily and Fay,

    I am Joel from Cellnique Corporation. We will have an CRES Wellness Treatment Spa opening event in Penang at Gurney Paragon from 1 April 2015 onwards. Share this good news with your friends and family! Come and join us and see you there! :)

    Feel free to contact me for more details.


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