Dermalogica: Media Launch for Multivitamin Power Serum

Dermalogica 早前邀请媒体们到Grand Hyatt 里举办的产品推介礼。这次他们推出的新产品是专对中年人的Multivitamin Power Serum.

Dermalogica has launched their new product-Multivitamin Power Serum in Grant Hyatt recently. This time the product is targeting on aging people.

Dermalogica? 说真的,我没用过,所以考虑是否出席时,也问了朋友们产品的评语。结果是产品非常不错,所以我也答应出席。

Dermalogica? Frankly speaking, I never used before. I asked around my friend for their comments about the products before attending the launch. What they told me was great so and so....and I agreed to go for the launching.


Perhaps the product is targeting for older people, the packaging is nothing interesting or cute.

There was not so many people when I came.

The breakfast was ready.

演讲的人是来自美国的Dr Diana L Howard。
【Dr Howard 是在洛杉矶大学考获其植物生物化学博士学位。目前效力于Dermalogica和IDI,是这两家的研究与发展部副主席。】

The speaker came from America, Dr Diana L Howard.
【Dr Howard earned her Ph.D in Plant Biochemistry from the university of California, Los Angeles. She is also vice President of R&D and Global Education Dermalogica and The International Dermal Instutute】

Benefits of the product.

encapsulated vitamins 有更好的渗透力以及稳定性。
encapsulated vitamins has deeper penetration and greater stability.

Multivitamin Power Serum 里的成分。当中的HydroxypinacoloneRetinoate能够探测并拦截早期的老化现象,包括由阳光紫外线引起的肌肤老化。

Components in Multivitamin Power Serum. The 'hero' ingredient known as HydroxypinacoloneRetinoate is able to intercept the earliest signs of aging, including sun-damaged skin.

Encapsulated MAP 比control 有25.8倍更有效刺激胶原蛋白的生产。
Encapsulated MAP stimulates collagen formation 25.8 greater than the control.

The ingredients in the product mainly serving for 3 purposes as above.

Kylie 与我


Kylie told me that she is using Dermalogica product now and loves their microfoliant series. After listening her testimonial, I was a bit itchy to try. Nevertheless, the beautician said the product was unsuitable for me as I need more powerful product like exfoliator.

I hope it really helped me to reduce the fine lines on my face.


We did s skin analysis on the spot that day by Dermalogica skin therapist. While they were explaining, they also recommended some products that we can try out at their salon.

价钱是RM338(西马半岛)或者RM348 (东马)
The price is RM338 (Peninsular Malaysia) or RM348 (East Malaysia).