12 Inch 黑炭汉堡 @ Cravings Kitchen & Bistro, Cheras

Cravings 就在我家不远处,正确地点是Tesco Extra Cheras, 也就是Makro 的旧址。有时在那逛街时,都会看到好多人在里面用餐,可有什么特别还真的不知道。

Cravings is located not far from my house, the exact location is inside Tesco Extra Cheras, which is the old address where Makro situated. I saw all the seats were almost taken when I passed by the restaurant everytime I shopped in Tesco Extra Cheras.

That day, I had my brunch here around 11am. As usual, there were many people dining inside too.

Cravings Monster Burger RM 29.90


Opening the menu, what attracted my eyes by that time was the 12-inch height charcoal burger! At the moment when we saw the waiter brought out the dish, we were all surprised and then we started to worry if the burger would collapsed. Need not to worry too much as there is a long steel stick supported the burger. The thick patties in the burger are home made by the restaurant, which consist of fish, chicken and beef. I like their french fries as it is crispy and yummy, acceptable saltiness. I would recommend to have this with 4 other friends so that one would not get too full.

Juicy Beef Burger RM 10.90

Enlarged Image of Juicy Beef Burger 


If you think that 12-inch burger is more than enough or you does not have friends to share with you, you still can order the juicy beef burger. The ingredients are same except the burger becomes shorter this time. Look carefully and you would find that the home made patty is very thick!

Chicken Rolled Turkey Ham and Asparagus RM 25.90
Chicken Rolled Turkey Ham and Asparagus RM 25.90

Recently I find that a lot of food copy Japanese sushi which they tend to roll the food with another food and being cut into sheet like sushi. The chicken skin had an acceptable texture without obvious sign of burn, lined with salty cheese, garnished with softy mash potato and asparagus, a totally fusion dish combined Chinese, Japanese and Western style.

Seafood Ebiko Fried Rice RM 16.90

Seafood Ebiko Fried Rice had a very nice colour combination yet very attractive. Besides the shrimp and ebiko, the fried rice seem nothing different. But checking back the menu, the seafood temptation fried rice was added with luxury seafood such as fresh crab meat, shrimp, scallop, abalone and shark's fin (imitated only as if not the price is sure more expensive) May be the ebiko was bit smaller, it did not give any popping sensation in the mouth.

Sang Har Mee or Freshwater Prawn Noodles RM 19.90

这里吃的虾面与普通在外的截然不同。我吃过的是整碗是清汤的,而这是酱汁。其二第一口让人吓到,怎么这是辣的,我怎么从上看还是下看,都没看到红色的酱汁,这辣哪里来? 人不可貌相,‘菜色’不可斗量,这辣不是颜色可以察觉到的。据说,这是厨师根据泰国食谱得到的点子而烹煮的,所以味道即是辣又带咸,改良式的鲜虾面带有泰国风味。

Freshwater Prawn Noodles that we had here was different compared with other restaurants. This was spicy and what we had normally was not spicy. Looking at the sauce, ponder where the spiciness came from. But one can not look at the colour to decide whether it is spicy or not. I had been told that the chef get the idea to create the dish from Thai recipe. The dish is modified freshwater prawn noodles with Thai style.

Citrus Mojito Lemonade RM 8.90
里面放了桔子,橙,柠檬茶以及sprite 的这杯饮料,味道非常独特。
Lime, orange, lemon tea and sprite gave the drink a totally unique flavour.
Banana Wild Berries Tea RM 13.90
Banana Wild Berries 那天喝,觉得没有什么味道,感觉他们可能失手。
Banana Wild Berries was tasteless as I tasted that day.

Cappuccino (Hot – RM6.90   Cold – RM 7.90)

Cappucino was also home made by them. It was a mixture of Sumatera and Columbia coffee beans. (The person in charge who is having a sharp taste bud told us that Sumatera coffee beans bring blossom flavour whereas Columbia coffee beans give nutty flavour) They have been trying all different types of coffee made from different types of coffee beans and finally comes up with this.

Milky Chocolate (Hot – RM5.50   Cold – RM 5.90)
这是我叫的milky chocolate, 没有令我失望,与友人们一起分享,他们都一致给予好评。用鲜奶来炮制的这杯巧克力奶,喝下去非常香,浓以及可口!

This was what I ordered that day. It did not disappoint me and I shared with my other friends, they gave a good feedback too. Using fresh milk to concoct the milky chocolate, it delivered a nice fragrant, concentrated yet yummy taste!

Tesco Extra Cheras, 
Ground Floor, Lot No 33, 
Jalan Midah 2, 
56000 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. 12寸汉堡包怎么吃?一片一片吃。。。

    1. yeahh...真的是一片一片拿上来吃

  2. 呵呵,双语饮食部落格,加油!

    1. 欢迎新来客


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