Tammy's blog birthday party@Beaniplex, TGV 1 Utama

这是我第一次来Beanieplex 戏院,单看字眼都不懂这是什么来的。不知道是否其他人与我一样。后来才知道Beanieplex戏院就是看戏的人可以坐在Bean bag上看戏的意思。

This was my first time been to Beanieplex. From the word itself, I do not know what is that. I'm not sure with others. After that, I only get to know that Beaniplex is a cinema hall that features funky beanbag seats.

那天有得在这免费看'Man of Steel',真的要感谢Tammy aka Plusizekitten 的邀请哦!1 Utama 我鲜少来,所以一直以来都以为只有一家GSC, 后来才发现同一层的尾端也有个TGV, 而我去的Beanieplex就坐落在TGV 里面。

I was lucky and all thanks to Tammy aka Plusizekitten for the invitation so that I can enjoy my favourite movie 'Man of Steel' here! I seldom come here and I do not know that TGV is located same floor with GSC but at the other end. And the Beanieplex that I went is located in TGV.


Inside the cinema hall, roughly can fit 40 people.


By the time I was there, all the upper seats had been chopped by people. So I had no choice but sat the first line in front of the screen. That day theme was superman, so everyone was wearing blue and red colour.

座位比普通戏院的座位大,而且可以躺下来看戏,真的很舒服!喜欢坐bean bag的人,肯定会喜欢这里。

The seat is spacious than the normal seating in cinema. What else? We even can stretch our body and lying down to watch movie. Indeed it is very comfortable. Those who like bean bag, definitely you will like Beanieplex.


We were served with popcorn and soft drink, which already put on our seats. We were told that the green cups were only used for special event and usually customers seldom see them.


This was the screen from my seat.

Bean bag没有贴着椅子,所以可以自行调整坐姿。我也发现Beaniplex除了是bean bag特别外,这里也有较多的私人空间。

The bean bag is not attached with the chair. We could adjust the bag for our comfort. What makes Beanieplex special besides the bean bag is that we get a lot of private space too.

Tammy Miu 


After the movie, we helped Tammy to celebrate her blog birthday and cake cutting ceremony. The cinema is very dark thus the photo outcome is like above picture.

Tammy Miu


I think this is my favourite shoot as Tammy smiles so happily and innnocent. Looking back at the picture, I feel like we are back to child time, we celebrate our friend's birthday party.


Look at the decoration and desserts we had that day!

全部的设计和摆设乃出自于Ask Joey 公司,当天其中的一位赞助商。那些漂亮特别的字卡,是不是很符合superman的主题啊?

All these were sponsored by Ask Joey. The cards all so beautiful, don't you think they were so match with our 'superman' theme?


The sweets we had during our childhood, personally thought the party was remembrance of our childhood too.


My photo with Tammy, thank you for her invitation! You all can go to her blog- plusizekitten.com to have a look!

photo from TGV 


Does it look like sofa at home? It really feel like at home when we sitting down there.

不过这戏院只能在 TGV 1 Utama,TGV 1st Avenue (Penang), TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Tebrau City (JB) 以及 TGV Bukit Indah (JB) 找到。戏票是RM44两人。

But the Beanieplex is only available at TGV 1 Utama,TGV 1st Avenue (Penang), TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Tebrau City (JB) and TGV Bukit Indah (JB). Ticket price is RM44 for a pair.