Dermalogica Reveals 10 Best Selling 'Naked' Stars @ Zebra Square

Again, I was invited for Dermalogica event few weeks after Multivitamin Power Serum launch in Grand Hyatt Hotel. 

就在Multivitamin Power Serum推介礼后的几个星期,再一次被邀请出席Dermalogica 的活动。

This time, the No. 1 professional skincare brand unveils a list of its top 10 global bestselling products today at Zebra Square that are much sort after by users around the world, including celebrities and makeup artists in Hollywood!

这次Dermalogica 在Zebra Square向媒体和来宾们揭开10个全球最畅销的产品包括好莱坞明星和化妆师的最爱。

The list of 10 star products had been carefully chosen based on global sales volume and popularity by category.


"The reason behind Dermalogica®’s popularity is simple – users get great results without having to resort to harsh or irritating ingredients. All Dermalogica® products do not contain sensitizers like lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, and are safe without formaldehyde and comedogenic ingredients," said Roderick Chieng, Chief Executive Officer of EIG Bhd.

Dermalogica®’ 那么受欢迎的原因其实很简单-用户无需使用粗燥或者敏感性的原料来达到好的成果。Dermalogica® 的所有产品都不含致敏物如羊毛脂,SD 酒精矿物油,人工色素和香料以及安全因不含甲醛和粉刺成分,”Roderick Chieng EIG 公司总执行长这么说。

This year, ‘Get Naked’ kicked off with a friendly race led by seven beautifully bare-faced Dermalogica® celebrity friends in search of 12 of the greatest-looking and healthiest ‘Naked Faces’ in the country. 

Steve Yap, Joanne Yew and Thanuja Ananthan reprise their roles as ‘naked’ celebrity faces, while singer/songwriter Atilia Haron, 5th Akademi Fantasia winner Mila Jirin, TV host/radio DJ Jentzen Lim and Miss Astro International 2009 2nd runner-up Jane Tan join the ‘naked’ family this year. 

为了寻找全国12位最好看和最健康的“裸脸”,今年 "Get Naked" 以7位漂亮素颜脸孔的本地艺人欣开序幕

Steve Yap, Joanne Yew and Thanuja Ananthan 等艺人今年再次出演“裸脸”角色而歌手/歌曲创作人Atilia Haron, 5th Akademi Fantasia 优胜者Mila Jirin, 电视主持/电台DJ Jentzen Lim以及Miss Astro International 2009 排名第三的Jane Tan 也加入了这“裸脸”大家庭。

Launched in May 2012, the first ‘Get Naked’ campaign was a success. For the first time, a skincare brand dared to ask Malaysians to strip their faces bare in order to reveal great skin health. Removing all traces of makeup and impurities is the first step towards achieving clearer, healthier skin that glows from within. 

去年5月推介的第一届"Get Naked" 活动获得热烈回响。这是第一次,一个护肤品牌斗胆呼吁马来西亚人剥掉他们的脸以露出健康的皮肤。卸下妆容和杂质是第一步达致更清晰,更健康且焕发从内的皮肤。

The 12 winners, who will be announced late this year, will each walk away with RM5,000 worth of Dermalogica®products, be featured in Dermalogica®’s 2014 calendar, and have the opportunity to appear in Malaysia’s top beauty magazines.

即将在今年尾公布的12位优胜者将会获取价值RM5000的Dermalogica®产品和刊登在 Dermalogica®  2014日历内以及有机会在马来西亚美容杂志内亮相。

The Top 10 Bestselling ‘Naked Stars’ are: 
十大最畅销的‘Naked Stars’ 是:

Skin Smoothing Cream
RM186 (WM), RM190 (EM) for 50ml
RM266 (WM), RM271 (EM) for 100ml

Special Cleansing Gel
RM155 (WM), RM158 (EM) for 250ml
RM232 (WM), RM237 (EM) for 500ml

Daily Microfoliant®
75g RM228 (WM), RM232 (EM)

UltraCalming™ Cleanser
RM165 (WM), RM170 (EM) for 250ml
RM251 (WM), RM259 (EM) for 500ml

Skin Hydrating Booster
30ml RM252 (WM), RM257 (EM)

Skin Hydrating Masque
75ml RM188 (WM), RM194 (EM)

 Antioxidant Hydramist (150ml RM192 (WM), RM196 (EM))
Multi-Active Toner (250ml RM158 (WM), RM161 (EM))
SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 (22ml RM242 (WM), RM250 (EM))
 and the recently introduced MultiVitamin Power Serum (22ml RM338 (WM), RM348 (EM))

“I’m a no-frills kind of guy, so my skincare routine is simple. My favorite is the Special Cleansing Gel, which leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or tight.  For added protection from free radicals, I like to use Antioxidant Hydramist, a refreshing toner which helps me cover my ‘age’!” – Steve Yap

“Guys are sensitive too!  My skin gets sensitized some times when I go in and out from radio studio recordings to outdoor TV shoots.  So my natural choice is Ultra Calming Cleanser which cleanses and soothes my skin at the same time.” – Jentzen Lim

After the event, media and guests were heading to counters behind for Face Mapping® -- a professional skin analysis that determines skin condition in 14 facial zones -- conducted by trained skin therapists.

活动结束后,来宾和媒体们都到后面的柜台进行Face Mapping®-专业皮肤测试:鉴定脸部14个区域的皮肤状况--由受训的美容师执行。

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