ChatON official launching @ The Butter Factory

28th June 2013, ChatON, the cross-platform mobile messaging app had their official launch celebrating it in a sea of orange at The Butter Factory KL.During the event, ChatOn also unveiled its brand new television commercial and announcement of its upcoming partnerships.

Bloggers and media as well as guests of that day were treated with complimentary Starbucks drinks at their van outside The Butter Factory.

Chatty, the official mascot for the ChatON app had its first appearance in front of media.

In the spirit of friendship and camaraderie, there was an announcement of a partnership between ChatON and Starbucks which will offer users the privilege of enjoying special promotions just by adding Starbucks as a Special Buddy in the ChatON app. 

The Special Buddy feature provides offers, updates and news feeds from third-party vendors in real-time.

photo from Issac Tan

"ChatON is all about celebrating friendships and creative expression. Sending images, videos and voice messages are ingrained into the way consumers communicate these days. In view of that, Samsung constantly innovates to provide consumers with opportunities relevant to the changing times, and ChatON is testament to this," said Mr Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics

We were entertained with dance performances and ChatON-related games to win some really cool Samsung S3 Minis. 

photo from Issac Tan
photo from Issac Tan

What highlighting that night was the best dressed contest. I must applaud the creativity of the contestants, as they went all out during the runway walk, from dancing with the emcee and changing his hat with her ribbon hair band, carrying orange duck pillow, wearing a carrot as a tie, break dancing and many other funny and sexy moves. 2 winners from guys and 2 winners from girls brought home Samsung S3 Minis.

ChatON, now available in 62 languages in over 200 countries, comes with a host of innovative features to add zest and colour into everyday conversations. 

In bringing chatting to the next level, ChatON's cool features include this group chat thingy which allows up to 200 people in a single chat room. Now that's a whole lot of people chatting away at the same time! 

photo from Samsung Mobile Malaysia
ChatON is available on a multitude of mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and bada, to truly make the app an instant messaging service available to all. 

On top of that, you can actually use ChatON on your personal computers as well, how cool is that? 

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Some snap shots of my blogger friends:

with Frankie Rose Uni

with Jun faculty and university junior....I never meet in Uni b4 but we knew each other through event ^^

with Don...he is always cool and smart

photo from Jaz Khai

photo from Jaz Khai