Sungai Long Hill Hiking Experience

Bukit Sg Long is one of the popular hiking trails in Klang Valley. It is located in a residential area. Visitors could park at the roadside without worrying about being summoned. Nevertheless, there are few construction lorries traversing the road. However, you could walk to the jungle trails cleared out from the frequent hikers instead of walking on the tar road at the beginning.

The sightseeing spot in the Sg Long hill had been marked on the guide map at the entrance board.

The area named lion king rock is a strategic point to see the beautiful sunset of the KL view.

There were around 8-10 stray dogs in the uphill area. Surprisingly, they looked tame, and some appeared to be very friendly towards the hiker. I guess the stray dogs here are very well-trained in their stamina too as they could climb down the rocky hillside quickly without any hassle.

The challenging point for the hiker to climb up to the top/ highest point of Sg Long hill.

The view from the Sg Long hill

Sea of Clouds (261 meters; 856 feet) ....but we did not manage to see any of this ~~

Taman Pelangi is also the Sea of Clouds viewing point.

The residents creatively decorate the area with recycled items including old tyres and plastic bottles.

Isn't the frog cute?


  1. Looks like a great place to hike


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