Wacoal Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase @ Pavillion

In celebration of Salute’s 30thanniversary, Wacoal Malaysia showcased, on 21 June 2013, the latest collection of this supreme lingerie line at a party held at Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. I was privileged enough to get the second invitation from Wacoal to have a peek on latest Wacoal collection from Salute range.

配合Salute 30周年庆,6月21日那天,Wacoal 在吉隆坡Pavilion 内的Parkson 举办一场派对,向媒体们展现优等级别的Salute最新系列的内衣。我也很荣幸第二次收到邀请谏参与其盛。

Embodying opulence and sophistication, as invited guests, we are required to dress in black or gold to attend Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase.


photo from Karen Oh

I was late that day rushing all the way from work. I missed the front part before lingerie fashion show started. So I just get to know there was live mannequins showcasing the new Salute bras from other blogger's blog. 

photo from Karen Oh

photo from Karen Oh

photo from Karen Oh

photo from Karen Oh

photo from Karen Oh

Indeed, from brassieres and panties to garter belts, Salute(which literally means ‘a gesture of respect or polite recognition’) has evolved from just designing evening slips in 1983 in Japan, to creating a full range of intimate apparels beaming with captivating hues and dashing details. 

从内衣和内裤到袜带,Salute (尊敬或者礼貌的象征)已经从1983年在日本开始时单单睡衣设计发展到带迷人色调且潇洒细节的全方位女人亲密服装。

Today, as if a shimmering pearl afloat on the waves of luxurious lingerie, Salute by Wacoal is ever more radiant than it was shaped 30 years ago.

今天,仿佛是一个闪闪发光的珍珠,漂浮在豪华内衣浪朝中,Wacoal 出版的Salute, 比起30年前的时候更加容光焕发。

Staying true to its aspiration of fulfilling Asian women’s desire for European flair lingerie, Salute is produced precisely to suit petite frames. Wacoal’s exclusive collaborations with avant-garde lacemakers lend a novel touch to the textile that has been held dear for centuries.

秉持着满足亚洲女性对欧洲风格内衣欲望,Salute 的诞生正是为了适应娇小的身躯。

Continuing to flaunt the enduring and ostentatious beauty of laces, the latest collection is ablaze with vibrant hues of floral motifs that seemingly spring into life with charm and vitality – attesting to Wacoal’s decades of expertise in producing credible and well-loved intimate apparels.


The latest Salute collection is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza.

最新的Salute 内衣系列可在 Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC 和 Parkson Gurney Plaza 购得。

Door gifts from Wacoal. I think I needless to buy any panties this year.


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