Sasa Fragrance Awards 2013

On 10 October, I was invited by Sasa to Sa Sa Fragrance Awards 2013 finale at Penthouse, The Icon. This was my second time to be here.  

10月10日,我受邀去Penthouse, The Icon参与Sasa 2013香水总决赛的颁奖典礼。这是我第二次来到这里。

I like the scented breeze here and the candle light at each table was so nicely decorated.


They provided simple finger foods too.

Inside the event hall, Sasa displayed some of the hot and new fragrances. I think I did something crazy. LOL I asked the promoter to spray all the perfumes on the test papers cause I wanna investigated which one smelt better and how difference they were among each other. Sobs I failed cause after smelt all, I could not differentiate, almost same for me. So I put all those test papers in my purse and now my purse is sweetly scented.

在会场,Sasa 也展示一些新的和热门的香水。我觉得我那天有点疯狂。我竟然叫销售员每个香水都喷在纸片上,因为我很好奇那么多香水,有什么特别与不同。结果到最后,我都分不出他们来。所以我都把它们放在钱包内,现在我的钱包和钱都是香香的呢!

Everyone was waiting for the event to start.

Ms. Corina Loi, Sa Sa Senior Vice President & Country Head

Sa Sa has again raised an amount of RM 21,136 representing RM 1 per unit fragrance sold for the duration from 6th July to 1st September 2013 to the BCWA (Breast Cancer Welfare Association) to fight cancer and promote early detection of the disease.

Sasa 成功筹获RM 21,136 ,每RM1 代表每一支在7月6日到9月1日售出的香水数量,全捐给乳癌慈善协会 (BCWA) 以对抗癌症和推广提早发现乳癌的用途。

The Annual Fragrance Fair and Awards 2013 which presented 24 nominees across 5 categories namely Best Women’s Fragrance, Best Men’s Fragrance, Best Couple’s Fragrance, Best New Fragrance and Most Popular Fragrance, has concluded and are now have the Categories Winners as follows which were voted by our customers in store and online:-

2013 年的香水展与奖项一共有24位被提名,包含了5个不同组别, 分别是最佳女性香水,最佳男性香水,最佳情侣香水,最佳新香水,最红香水。获胜者是透过店内客户与网上投票进行,成绩如下:-

Best Women’s Fragrance Award 最佳女性香水: Gianni Versace Bright Crystal EDT from
Prestige Products (M) Sdn Bhd
Best Men’s Fragrance Award 最佳男性香水: Hugo Boss Hugo Red EDT from
P&G (M) Sdn Bhd
Best Couple’s Fragrance Award 最佳情侣香水: Issey Miyake Florale EDT and L’eau D’Issey
Pour Homme EDT from Luxasia (M) Sdn Bhd
Most Popular Fragrance Award 最红香水: DKNY Be Delicious Woman Fresh Blossom
EDP from Estee Lauder (M) Sdn Bhd
Best New Fragrance Award 最佳新香水: Trussardi Delicate Rose EDT from ITF S.P.A
The vote for your favourite Scent & Win has also attracted many voters for the prize of over RM 10,000 of the nominated fragrance totaling 39 bottles.

投你最喜爱的香水以及赢取一共39瓶香水,总值超过RM 10,000 的活动吸引了许多人前来投票。

Finally to ride on the momentum and excitement of this successful Fragrance Fair & Awards, Sa Sa is pleased to launch 13 Hot & New Fragrance namely Hugo Boss Boss Jour EDP, Escada Especially Me Elixir EDP, Givenchy Gentleman Only EDT, Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme EDT, Calvin Klein CK Down Town EDP, Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Honey EDP, Burberry Brit Rhythm Men EDT, Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP, Tous Man Intense EDT, J.Del.Pozo Halloween Man EDT, Marina De Bourbon Le Prince Galant EDT, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC EDP and lastly Mariah Carey MC Dreams EDP as our commitment to add variety and newness to the many choices at Sa Sa.

活动的尾声,Sasa 也推介了13种热门和创新的香水(如以上所示)以为店内增加更多的选择。

Unexpectedly, I brought home Anna Sui new series perfume- LA VIE De BOHEME!It was given by Sasa as a doorgift! Oh my goodness, first time I'm having Anna Sui perfume, and looks so lovely with butterfly on it.

没有意料到,我竟然获得Anna Sui 最新系列的香水-LA VIE De BOHEME!是Sasa 给的手礼!从来没想过我会得到Anna Sui香水,瓶子上还有个蝴蝶,可爱极了。