Papa's Cafe

马来西亚的中低价,售卖本地美食的咖啡厅如雨后春笋,比比皆是。好了,这次就分享我在Tropicana City Mall 里面的这间Papa's Cafe 所享用的午餐。

Those cafe selling food with middle low price range is mushrooming in Malaysia now, as we can see anywhere. This time I'm going to share the food I had at Papa's Cafe, where located inside Tropicana City Mall.

Bruschetta Mix Mushroom RM 6.90


My favourite among all at this cafe is the Bruschetta Mix Mushroom. My bread is actually baguette, baked till crunchy. Topped with the little salty mushroom sauce and butter, the overall flavour is creamy and yummy.
Lasagne Chicken RM 13.90 

第二特别的菜肴便是本餐厅改编原本食谱而做的lasagna chicken。里面都是鸡肉,所以芝士的味道没有很显着,对于不喜欢重芝士的人,这可是他们的菜。

The second specialty here is their modified lasagna. The chef blended Chinese cuisine's flavour to make its own version of Papa's Cafe lasagna. Inner layer is chicken and thus the cheese flavour is not very obvious,suitable for those who afraid of heavy cheesy flavour.

Curry Laksa  RM 7.90


I would like to have a bowl of hot curry laksa during rainy day. This bowl is not spicy even it appears red. It topped with ingredients such as fish cake, tofu pok, egg, vegetables and prawn.

Nasi Lemak  RM 9.90


Aromatic and creamy curry rendang chicken made us polished this plate of Nasi Lemak clean in quite a short time. 

Seafood Sang Mee  RM 7.90 

We tried a few noodles and found that none of it topped with chicken. This pan-fried noodles is topped with cabbage, small amount of fish cake and prawn. Having all this during lunch is satisfying.

Asam Seafood RM 9.90

看到Asam Seafood 的名字和样子,都知道整碟都是酸酸辣辣的哦!对于顶不顺辣的我,吃了几口就立刻冒汗和流鼻水,要些饮料来搭救燃烧中的舌头。

When we saw Asam Seafood  name and appearance, we know that it is sour and spicy! For person like me who can't stand for spiciness, having few mouth of it made me sweating and have a runny nose, need some drinks to save my burning tongue.


For this simple fried noodle, it is not oily at all.

Black Sesame (hot/cold) RM 6.50

I also ordered black sesame drink, it is not sweet, may be caused they did not add in any sugar for it.

Lot 11-56, 1st Floor, 
Tropicana City Mall, 
3 Jalan SS 20/27, 
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya