Corset Me Party @ Poppy Garden

早前Wendy 突然问我说有没有兴趣去Corset Me Party, 没有概念的我,就上网看人家的部落客,看到似乎不错,所以才说要去。今天我才得空写,因为要清掉电脑里的一些文件。

One day, Wendy asked me if I'm free to go Corset Me party. As I have no clue what kind of event is that, I searched blog for better understanding and finally I agreed to go. Now there is some spare time for me to share about the event.

地点是位于KLCC 附近的Poppy Garden, 建筑物有点奇怪的哦,原来楼上是日本餐厅。

The party venue is at Poppy Garden, just besides KLCC. It looks really weird as first floor is Japanese restaurant.


The door has special design with a lady leg wearing high heel.


In fact, we only allowed to go inside by 9pm. I reached at 830pm so I have to wait outside waiting another 30 minutes to pass. I thought got people earlier than me but who knows I was the early bird.


I was second to reach. Wendy told me that she got headache and can not attend the event.

The show started with girls dancing.


These few pretty ladies are waitress, they all wearing corset which make their body so sexy.


These corset ladies also entertained us with dance.


This is last performance.


I have no corset to wear thus I just wear simple, sleeveless dress. Unfortunately I was being distracted by a 'ham sap' uncle who laid his hand on my waist, by the way that was my first time knowing him.


For first 50 ladies coming to the party on that night each of us will get a goodies bag. Look I have a cute Martell bottle, underwear and legging. For this event, we got free beer, but food was not served.


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