Standard Chartered ICT Competition 2013 Award Ceremony

I was invited as blogger to cover the event for Standard Chartered ICT competition 2013 Award Ceremony in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa. I heard of this competition before in Facebook but I never thought I have a chance to know it better by being here.

那天我以部落客身份被邀请去Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa 出席 Standard Chartered ICT 比赛2013颁奖典礼。早前我已在面子书听闻过此竞赛但是我没想到有一天我会被邀请来这,有近一步的了解。

From press release given, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad has launched its second innovation in January as part of its continuing commitment in promoting the development of the domestic ICT sector.

从新闻稿上写着,Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad在一月的时候已推行此第二届的比赛,继续致力促进我国ICT行业的发展。

The competition which is designed to discover world-class IT innovations and unleash the innovator potential of both university students and Standard Chartered employees, was officially launched by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) YB Datuk Haji Fadilah Yusof.

这项以发掘世界级IT 新事物以及让大学生和Standard Chartered员工可以发挥他们创新潜力的比赛正式由科学,工艺以及创新部的副部长YB Datuk Haji Fadilah Yusof开幕。

The competition will give university students the opportunity and platform to showcase their creativity and turn their ideas into innovation. It will further reinforce our students' mindset on industry relevant solutions and improve their knowledge in ICT which is in-line with the Government's aspirations of a knowledge-based and innovation-led economy.


Total 5 staff finalists groups were shortlisted.

For university category, there were 10 finalists groups which appeared to be more competitive than staff category.


Out of the topic, Putrajaya Marriott Ballroom 2 looks very grand and the ambience here is nice. Well, the worker also helps to place the napkin on our lap ^^

离开话题,Putrajaya Marriott Ballroom 2 看起来很豪华以及气氛也很好。员工都会帮我们放餐巾在我们的腿上。

On our table, there are menus for the night.

No purchase of payment of any kind is required to enter or win this competition. Furthermore, winners of ICT Competition 2013 stand to win prize monies totalling RM60k. First prize winners for unversity category and staff category will bring back home RM 15k and RM8k respectively.

据说,此比赛是不需要购买任何东西才可参与或者赢取比赛。除此以外,ICT 2013 比赛的得主总共可赢得超过RM60,000的现金。首奖可赢得各RM15 千(大学组)以及RM8千(员工组)。

YB Dato Arif Siddiqui (CIO of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia) said that ICT Competition 2013 is more than just embracing ICT. He was delighted by all these participants' ideas. "One of the ideas is on how to refine the process in the nuclear power plants to generate power. Another one is an innovative cooling fan that substitutes air-conditioner. A high-tech bag enhanced with robotic features which follow its owner. I can go on and on but let me tell you, these kids are sharp, they often demonstrate their capabilities in ways you'd never expect"he said.

YB Dato Arif Siddiqui (CIO of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia) 说ICT 2013比赛的意义多过拥抱科技。他看到所有参赛者的提议后,心里感到很惊喜。“其中一个想法是如何在核化工厂细化工程以制造电流。其他还包括创新的冷风扇以代替冷气。还有个高科技的袋子装有机械功能能够跟随他的主人等。我可以继续说下去但是我要告诉你们的是,这些小孩子的脑袋都很厉害,他们所展现的能力是你们无法预料的”他说道。

YB Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohd Diah (Deputy Minister Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation)

Stage performance 

Halfway during the break time having our dinner, YB Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohd Diah was going around to shake hand with us. So I asked for a photo shooting.

当我们休息吃东西的当儿,YB Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohd Diah突然跑去观众席与我们握手。所以我不忘来个合照。

I saw from the video showcase, 2 groups from UPM were shotlisted to the final too.
从影片上,我看到有来自UPM 的2组成功进入决赛,可喜可贺。

Ballotine of Seafood

Puree of Green Pea Soup

Blackcurrant Lime Sorbet

Pistachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme

Classical Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup
All the food here was nice. This is some what we called fine dining.

Second placing of Staff category was taken by team Trade Stars. Their concept was Cards L&L (Lost & Lock) which is a mobile application to lock or unlock bank cards in a case of its being stolen.

员工的第二奖由Trade Stars 组别赢取。他们的构思是Cards L&L (Lost & Lock), 一个可以在银行卡被偷取时,封锁或开启银行卡的手机功能。

Meanwhile, champion was won by team Charlie Missing 1 Angel. Their ideas was to create a mobile banking application with same functionality as the credit or debit card called mWallet.

同时间,大奖得主是 Charlie Missing 1 Angel 组别。他们的想法是创造一个与信用卡或借记卡一样功能的移动银行应用程序叫作mWallet。

Photo of Champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up for staff category.


On the other hand, for university category, first runner up was won by serious-looked team Green Warriors. Staying true to its name, Green Warriors is fighting to save environment via its invention, a Million of Trees (MOT) system to produce paperless receipt and queue tickets using transmitter station paired with receiver dongles.

另一边厢,大学组的第二名是非常严肃的Green Warriors。正如他们的名字含义,Green Warriors 致力保护环境,他的构思是一个万树 (MOT) 系统利用发射站以及一个加密安全设置的接收器以减少纸张的使用。

Last but not least, champion of university category was won by 4GM from University Putra Malaysia. (LOL I was too excited when they announcing the winner, I was proud as I graduated from UPM formerly). 4GM idea is almost same with Green Warriors as both serve a purpose to protect our Mother Earth. 4GM winning idea is to create TrashPoint which is a solution integrated with mobile technology targeting collectors, enterprises, manufacturers and public users who will working together to locate the collection points, query the needs and pin it on the map.

最后,大学组的大奖由来自博特拉大学的4GM 所赢取。(当他们宣布大奖是来自UPM的同时,心里特别高兴以及自豪因本身是UPM 毕业的)4GM 的构思与Green Warriors 相近因为两者都是为了致力保护我们的地球所想出的想法。4GM的得奖想法是制造TrashPoint, 一个针对收藏家,企业,制造商以及大众用户的移动手机科技方案。他们会利用该科技以寻找收藏点,询问需求以及把他记在地图上。

Photo of Champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up for university category.


This was a great event ever where I saw a lot of new blood, new ideas and hopes to create better life.


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