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我来之前还以为Duk Sat 是一家泰国餐厅,原来不是。据马来部落客Rabiatul 说,Duk Sat 是北方的缩语(Duduk Sekejap=坐一会儿)。我下午4点过来的时候,餐厅还未准备好,所以我们先到隔壁嘛嘛挡喝茶等待。

I thought Duk Sat Cafe is a Thai cafe, but it is not. According to my Malay blogger friend, Rabaitul, she said Duk Sat is abbreviation for Duduk Sekejap which means sit a while. When I come here by 3pm, they are not ready yet.

这家马来咖啡室外貌有点简陋,没有牌楼只有布条挂着的店名。若你懂Naili's Place的话,其实这咖啡室就在它隔壁。

The cafe looks very simple, they just have a bunting with their cafe name on it. If you know where is Naili's Place, the cafe is located just besides it.


Entering in, left hand side is a drink counter, on the table, there are a few shishas, perhaps Arabian is staying at this area!

The kitchen is behind the cafe. They have 4 chefs from different countries- India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and local.

Penang Fried Kuey Teow  RM 5.50

This bowl of Penang Fried Kuey Teow is very spicy, the paste is watery. As it is too spicy, it covers other tastes, so besides spiciness, I think this kuey teow is just nothing special.

Mee Kari Ketam Special RM 7.00

In other places in Malaysia, we seldom see people selling crab mee but this cafe is exceptional.The curry not so spicy but the overall taste is little bit bland. The crab meat is not much but they are fresh.

Nasi Arab Set - Ayam  RM 8.00
 Nasi Arab 的饭是香料饭,米是长长的,吃起来很香。鸡腿肉不多,但是鸡煮得松软,还有咖哩味。那一旁的沙拉-青瓜,番茄和辣椒酸酸辣辣的,很开胃。

Nasi Arab rice is long in shape. It is made with many spices, so it gives us sweet smell in mouth. The chicken meat is little bit only, but they cooked it till soft, with curry taste. Besides the plate, they are salad comprised of cucumber, tomato and chili  They opens up my appetite by having them.

Chapati  RM 1.50
The very common Chapati which we can see in mamak stall.

Roti Jala Set RM 3.00
Roti Jala 是马来人的小食。我现在才知道Roti Jala 是用面粉,椰浆以及盐作成的,外形很漂亮。话说回来,它的那碗酱汁也挺好吃的哦!

Roti Jala is Malay snack. Till now I only know that they are made with flour, santan and salt, gives a very beautiful appearance. Back to topic, I think the sauce is tasty too!

Lot 832,
Jalan Taman Dato Senu, 
51000 Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

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