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早前在 赢了太阳眼镜。但是由于我很迟才订,所以全部我要的漂亮太阳眼镜给别人选完了,逼不得已之下,我只能挑隐形眼镜。

I won a sunglassess from not long ago. But as I replied and ordered late, those nice sunglassess that I wanted already out of stock, so I had no choice but to select colour contact lens for replacement.

这是 的网页。让我选这品牌的原因是含水量较高,15mm 大镜和可以很自然地与我们的眼睛颜色混合制造出独特讨喜的效果。

This is website. Why made me to choose the brand were due to some reasons followed: higher water content, 15mm big lens and can naturally blending with our colour tones to create unique lovely effect.


After filling in all details, we would receive an email from them regarding our order. Then they would inform us when they would deliver and the estimated time we would receive the order.


Opening inside, there was a thick bubble wrap. Even though I cut open the plastic courier bag, the bubble wrap was not dropped out as it stuck at the end of courier bag. I was surprised to see that the item again double wrapped with bubble paper inside. In Malaysia, sometimes the courier service was bad as one would get a damaged/leak/ flattened item delivered to door step. put on effort to solve the delivery problem exists long time ago by wrapping it well and making sure every customer satisfy by the time they open the parcel.


As I had short sight problem, thus I ordered -3.25 and -3.50. I thought they delivered only 1 to me but for my surprise, every box came with 2 contact lens, so I have 2 pairs now!Along with the colour contact lens, they also gave me 2 lens cases. I was happy as I did not get any lens case came along with any purchase of contact lens.


I was browsing for a long time on to choose a colour contact lens as I was spoil with choices. Finally I made up my mind to choose lovely gray- a colour I never try before. I wore chocolate and blue before but never to gray. Besides, this was my first time trying Phantasee contact lens. My Phantasee lovely gray is for quarterly usage.

15mm 的隐形眼镜戴上去后,果真好大哦!

With 15mm, it looked really big on someone eyes!


With bigger eyes after putting in the Phantasee contact lens, it made me look like more energetic. It was totally different when I was not wearing contact lens. I was being told that I looked like Garfield cats once upon a time because I had single eye lid and not-so- centralized eye balls. Well, it did complement my makeup, making me more prettier and most important, it made me feel confident at the same time! Above all, after wearing for 10 hours, my eyes not even felt dry and still comfortable!

I wore it to bar, the feeling was great. A lot of guys stared at me that day! LOL

感谢Phantasee 以及
Thanks to Phantasee and


  1. So well packed, u look nice with lenses on
    Last day to enter my migmon sunglasses giveaway. Please do enter..

    1. yeah ?I was surprised with their packing too...
      Thanks for ur compliment ^^

  2. wow, your eyes do look bigger! this suits you a lot

    1. thanks Ann Tan dropping by ^^
      I do love the big eyes effect :)


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