Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sasa Fragrance Awards 2013

On 10 October, I was invited by Sasa to Sa Sa Fragrance Awards 2013 finale at Penthouse, The Icon. This was my second time to be here.  

10月10日,我受邀去Penthouse, The Icon参与Sasa 2013香水总决赛的颁奖典礼。这是我第二次来到这里。

I like the scented breeze here and the candle light at each table was so nicely decorated.


They provided simple finger foods too.

Inside the event hall, Sasa displayed some of the hot and new fragrances. I think I did something crazy. LOL I asked the promoter to spray all the perfumes on the test papers cause I wanna investigated which one smelt better and how difference they were among each other. Sobs I failed cause after smelt all, I could not differentiate, almost same for me. So I put all those test papers in my purse and now my purse is sweetly scented.

在会场,Sasa 也展示一些新的和热门的香水。我觉得我那天有点疯狂。我竟然叫销售员每个香水都喷在纸片上,因为我很好奇那么多香水,有什么特别与不同。结果到最后,我都分不出他们来。所以我都把它们放在钱包内,现在我的钱包和钱都是香香的呢!

Everyone was waiting for the event to start.

Ms. Corina Loi, Sa Sa Senior Vice President & Country Head

Sa Sa has again raised an amount of RM 21,136 representing RM 1 per unit fragrance sold for the duration from 6th July to 1st September 2013 to the BCWA (Breast Cancer Welfare Association) to fight cancer and promote early detection of the disease.

Sasa 成功筹获RM 21,136 ,每RM1 代表每一支在7月6日到9月1日售出的香水数量,全捐给乳癌慈善协会 (BCWA) 以对抗癌症和推广提早发现乳癌的用途。

The Annual Fragrance Fair and Awards 2013 which presented 24 nominees across 5 categories namely Best Women’s Fragrance, Best Men’s Fragrance, Best Couple’s Fragrance, Best New Fragrance and Most Popular Fragrance, has concluded and are now have the Categories Winners as follows which were voted by our customers in store and online:-

2013 年的香水展与奖项一共有24位被提名,包含了5个不同组别, 分别是最佳女性香水,最佳男性香水,最佳情侣香水,最佳新香水,最红香水。获胜者是透过店内客户与网上投票进行,成绩如下:-

Best Women’s Fragrance Award 最佳女性香水: Gianni Versace Bright Crystal EDT from
Prestige Products (M) Sdn Bhd
Best Men’s Fragrance Award 最佳男性香水: Hugo Boss Hugo Red EDT from
P&G (M) Sdn Bhd
Best Couple’s Fragrance Award 最佳情侣香水: Issey Miyake Florale EDT and L’eau D’Issey
Pour Homme EDT from Luxasia (M) Sdn Bhd
Most Popular Fragrance Award 最红香水: DKNY Be Delicious Woman Fresh Blossom
EDP from Estee Lauder (M) Sdn Bhd
Best New Fragrance Award 最佳新香水: Trussardi Delicate Rose EDT from ITF S.P.A
The vote for your favourite Scent & Win has also attracted many voters for the prize of over RM 10,000 of the nominated fragrance totaling 39 bottles.

投你最喜爱的香水以及赢取一共39瓶香水,总值超过RM 10,000 的活动吸引了许多人前来投票。

Finally to ride on the momentum and excitement of this successful Fragrance Fair & Awards, Sa Sa is pleased to launch 13 Hot & New Fragrance namely Hugo Boss Boss Jour EDP, Escada Especially Me Elixir EDP, Givenchy Gentleman Only EDT, Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme EDT, Calvin Klein CK Down Town EDP, Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Honey EDP, Burberry Brit Rhythm Men EDT, Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP, Tous Man Intense EDT, J.Del.Pozo Halloween Man EDT, Marina De Bourbon Le Prince Galant EDT, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC EDP and lastly Mariah Carey MC Dreams EDP as our commitment to add variety and newness to the many choices at Sa Sa.

活动的尾声,Sasa 也推介了13种热门和创新的香水(如以上所示)以为店内增加更多的选择。

Unexpectedly, I brought home Anna Sui new series perfume- LA VIE De BOHEME!It was given by Sasa as a doorgift! Oh my goodness, first time I'm having Anna Sui perfume, and looks so lovely with butterfly on it.

没有意料到,我竟然获得Anna Sui 最新系列的香水-LA VIE De BOHEME!是Sasa 给的手礼!从来没想过我会得到Anna Sui香水,瓶子上还有个蝴蝶,可爱极了。

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lovely Gray Phantasee Contact Lens from

早前在 赢了太阳眼镜。但是由于我很迟才订,所以全部我要的漂亮太阳眼镜给别人选完了,逼不得已之下,我只能挑隐形眼镜。

I won a sunglassess from not long ago. But as I replied and ordered late, those nice sunglassess that I wanted already out of stock, so I had no choice but to select colour contact lens for replacement.

这是 的网页。让我选这品牌的原因是含水量较高,15mm 大镜和可以很自然地与我们的眼睛颜色混合制造出独特讨喜的效果。

This is website. Why made me to choose the brand were due to some reasons followed: higher water content, 15mm big lens and can naturally blending with our colour tones to create unique lovely effect.


After filling in all details, we would receive an email from them regarding our order. Then they would inform us when they would deliver and the estimated time we would receive the order.


Opening inside, there was a thick bubble wrap. Even though I cut open the plastic courier bag, the bubble wrap was not dropped out as it stuck at the end of courier bag. I was surprised to see that the item again double wrapped with bubble paper inside. In Malaysia, sometimes the courier service was bad as one would get a damaged/leak/ flattened item delivered to door step. put on effort to solve the delivery problem exists long time ago by wrapping it well and making sure every customer satisfy by the time they open the parcel.


As I had short sight problem, thus I ordered -3.25 and -3.50. I thought they delivered only 1 to me but for my surprise, every box came with 2 contact lens, so I have 2 pairs now!Along with the colour contact lens, they also gave me 2 lens cases. I was happy as I did not get any lens case came along with any purchase of contact lens.


I was browsing for a long time on to choose a colour contact lens as I was spoil with choices. Finally I made up my mind to choose lovely gray- a colour I never try before. I wore chocolate and blue before but never to gray. Besides, this was my first time trying Phantasee contact lens. My Phantasee lovely gray is for quarterly usage.

15mm 的隐形眼镜戴上去后,果真好大哦!

With 15mm, it looked really big on someone eyes!


With bigger eyes after putting in the Phantasee contact lens, it made me look like more energetic. It was totally different when I was not wearing contact lens. I was being told that I looked like Garfield cats once upon a time because I had single eye lid and not-so- centralized eye balls. Well, it did complement my makeup, making me more prettier and most important, it made me feel confident at the same time! Above all, after wearing for 10 hours, my eyes not even felt dry and still comfortable!

I wore it to bar, the feeling was great. A lot of guys stared at me that day! LOL

感谢Phantasee 以及
Thanks to Phantasee and

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kiss Me Rocks With Beauty Bloggers @ Sunway Lagoon

我从来没有去过Sunway Lagoon, 那天看到Kiss Me 有活动在那里办的时候,感觉实在雀跃。

I never been to Sunway Lagoon. When I saw Kiss Me going to organize event there, I was excited. 

Kiss Me 的登记处位于Sunway Lagoon的入口处,以粉白为主题的Kiss Me 非常女性化。

Kiss Me registration counter was located at the entrance to Kiss Me. It was decorated with white pinkish colour.


After registration, everyone of us got wrist paper band as entrance ticket and for identification purpose.

我与Veron 的合照,她人很热情,这是我第二次见到她!不过这次是我邀请他来参与这活动!

My photo with Veron, she is very nice person to talk with. This is my second time seeing her. Of course I invited her to come for the event!


After getting inside, we have to put our belongings inside a locker as we will get wet throughout the event. The rental price of a locker is RM5. After making it, we being brought to above location.

Kiss Me 要我们在这里化妆。很可惜没有眼眉毛笔,所以总觉得我的妆不完整。话说回来,以上的产品-眼睫毛膏和眼线笔的确涂上去不会被水溶掉,不会让我们变成大花脸。

Kiss Me wanted us to do simple makeover here. Unfortunately they did not provide eye brow pencil and after all I just felt my makeup was incomplete. But those products are really good as they are waterproof and even though we get wet, they will not turn our looks to awful.


We finished our makeup!


After all done their makeover, the game was start. Everyone was asking and curious why they did not give us sunscreen to apply? I thought they wanted us to try that cause they were being featured in the banner.


We all listening carefully for instructions given by the instructor.


After the whistle being blew, all of our group leaders got down to water to grab the sunscreen and brought it back within the fastest time. The first person who managed to do so got extra points from the game.

结果是JQ 那一组先获胜。
So JQ group managed to get extra points as she was first to reach the referee.



Now I understand that organizer purposely arranging this and not handed us the sunscreen earlier before they started the show. 

After a while, the organizer distributed the envelope, inside was a few papers with clues and need us to guess and went to certain places to complete it. 


The first station was nothing scary. We just need to put our hands down into the soil with cockroaches to find the alphabets and arrange on the table. 


The second station was thrilling as we needed to board on the pirate ship which had 360 degree turning! I had my first pirate ship ride in Genting before and I already scared so for this time I did not get on it. Luckily they only need 3 members to get up there, thanks to all of them.


When my members are up there, I was alone down here. So I approached this man/staff to ask for some clues.

接下来我们到鬼屋去,这里也没什么好怕的咯,我们一班人进去,我带头,结果他们只是吓我身后的他们 :P

Next we headed to ghost house, nothing frightful too. I was the first one leading all of them inside. The staffs who makeup like ghost only scared those behind me :P

第3站,我们去玩Vuvuzela, 这我们也排了好久呢!不过这是值得的哦!大热天玩这个很爽呢!

The third station was the new game in Sunway Lagoon- Vuvuzela!We queued up for a long time till our turns. But it was worth cause this was exciting!


Then we went to kayaking. Since they only need 2 members, I let my members to play as I worry I will vomit later.

ATV 我们也没有办法坐,因为时间已经到了。工作人员一定要求拍照,但是我们又要赶回去,所以你就看到我为什么会露出上面的样子啦!

As time was up, so we can not ride ATV. The staff still wanted us to take group photo, but we needed to rush back to the final point where we gathered just now, and so you see why I have such facial expression! 


After submitting the paper, we all were hungry. Back to the gathering point, the first thing I did was to get some foods to fill my hungriness. Don't judge my appearance, cause I can eat a farm of cow!


Next we were going to enjoy the pampering session. The makeup artist helped us to do the makeover. That was a long queue. Waiting so long for my turn but they also making it fast as after me, they were going to announce the winners.


We also got free manicure service here. All nail colours were pinkish.


I chose a very pale pink to apply on my nail. Later the staff helped to add in some blinking things on my nails.

桌子还帮放着Kiss Me 新出的防晒霜。

At the table, there were display of Kiss Me sunscreen products.


Besides main course, they were serving us a cute cupcake with high heels shoe on top of it.


The result  was announced. Even though we did not win any, but congratulate to all winners.

Kiss Me 也很慷慨,知道我们没角逐,没礼物,所以也让没赢的人去后面抽礼物。但是我看到一些不老实的人,已经赢取有Kiss Me 赞助的礼篮,还跑去后面拿礼物 :(

Kiss Me is very generous. As they knew we did not win any thing, they still let us (those did not win any) to go behind there for lucky draw, so everyone brought home with some thing. But I saw some dishonest winners too sneaking inside for lucky draw :(

这里也有一些prop 和一个photo booth 机器。

Here were some props and a photo booth machine.


The game show was finally finished. This was our group photo!


Everyone of us got a balloon in our goodies bag. I gave it to an Indian little girls. That was the end of the fun day.

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