Lab rat vs lab mice

Hi guys how you all lately? There are up and down on my side, but I believe everything will be fine in the end. I'm going to share some pictures taken lately in animal house. It is a place at my faculty which houses lots of lab rat for study purpose. I paid a visit there a few weeks back to have a look while trying to find the personnel to ask about the availability of the cage.

This was my second time being here. The first time I entered, there was no one inside. Luckily I met a student during my second visit which I can direct a few questions to her before having my lab rats for study later.  


She was changing the bedding of the cage while force feeding the rats with either placebo or testing sample. Though some people, animal testing sounds cruel but it is a must test before introducing any treatment to human especially anti cancer medicine and etc. Have a second thought, without all the animal testing, would you take the new invented medicine which claims to have effect to treat certain disease which you can't estimate the dosage safe to take and unknown side effects? Anyway, everything done must be approved and follow International Animal Ethics before running any experiment.


The tiny mice in the cage.


The rats look like having group chat.

Do you ever see a lab rat or lab mice? Make a guess, if both of them run together, which one will run faster? LOL...I have no answer for this, just randomly pop out from my mind.


  1. They look like they like their home I just hope the test is not harsh on them I do not like any animal testing especially in the era we are in they are so many other sources.

  2. I do not like animal testing...
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Animal testing isn't really my cup of tea :c
    Take care*

  4. I've not been to a mice lab. Can't imagine myself handling them........

  5. Hope all is well with you now, Emily. All the best on your studies! I'm cheering you on!

  6. Emily, heart need to be strong to test on this kids. isk isk isk...sacrifice for human kind. heroic!

  7. Experiment on animal??? Sangat kesian laa ^-^


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