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Anyone of you seen this fruit before? It is called gac fruit which is high in lycopene.It is not a local fruit. The bright red colour of the peel is so attractive but it is not tasty at all.

Thought of going Perak to get my sample but then a lot of problems.....thus I pluck a few from Biosains Institute (IBS) to start some lab work instead of waiting....

 Saw this banner when being in IBS and regretted to say that I missed again the animal handling workshop...this time I emailed the person in charge and asked to inform if they are going to organize again in future.


Dining out with Sharen and Shi Hui one day after Dr Claire Aitchison (lecturer from University of New South Wales) workshop in SGS


Pampered ourselves once a while in McD


Waffle still remain my favourite snack :) or perhaps my lunch when the food in cafe almost finish


Alcohol free beer...bought by senior during his recent visit to Japan. I asked if I can have some to try to fulfill my curiousity but then he said make sure you come every day as he not sure when he going to open it =.=

Kit Kat in sweet potato flavour which is not in Malaysia yet


I thought of having another one but senior only gave one :S

Then my senior show off his full collection of wine,gin and any alcoholic bottle to me


still I love the one he bought from London




I registered 2 courses this semester. 2 courses crash on Tuesday morning. For the audit status, I still need to take exam and test after consult the course coordinator. At first I thought should not be any problem but the Medical Genetics test crashes with Medical Statistics class which I need to attend and thus I need to drop one as the test can't be held at other time :( Nevertheless, I will still attend the class as sit in student allowed by the course coordinator. I can tell that the Medical Genetics class is so much interesting and always learn something new. Hopefully it helps me in my research later!


Last Thursday, Sharen and I accompany Ru En to RMC, SGS bendahari office, cake house to settle her things. I was touched when she told me that she want to give a surprise to his boy friend and his family by making chocolate banana cake to them as a gift. They just start the BG relationship and that would be her first time meet his parents. Best wishes for her. I did the same like her not baking cake but making spaghetti for my ex and his family. Nevertheless, I was not being appreciated and after that I gave up to do that.

Well, we got free treat from Ru En the coconut caramel sundae as a reward for us to accompany her the whole day. Well, I must say it tastes great but advisable to share with friends. That's my recent updates happening around me when I'm nottravel :)


  1. I have never know about that gac fruit before this... Nice collection of bottles ^-^

    1. haha thanks but that's not mine

    2. About the gac fruit, if it sale in Malaysia, I want to try ^-^

  2. Sweet potatoes kit kat?? Er, I give it a pass! Haha.

  3. I never seen that fruit before or tasted something like this wow thanks for sharing.

  4. So many interesting food/drink in this post. It all looks delicious! You are so lucky to get to try it! ^.^

  5. I didn't know this gac fruit. Now i read, that it's very healthy.

  6. That gac fruit looks so tempting. its a pity that it doesnt taste good. The kit kat looks so interesting but what i like the most is your seniors alcohol collection!! I had lost touch with your blog for a long time and was unable to find it but am glad to find you now!!
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