#Kolektif1 Photography Exhibition

#Kolektif1 Photography Exhibition and Hop on Hop off (HOHO) were launched recently in conjunction with World Tourism Day 2015 by UNWTO which fall on 27 September yearly.

 #Kolektif1 Photography Exhibition is a collaboration between Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia through Tourism Malaysia Centre (MaTic) and Mr Yaman Ibrahim, who is a well known professional photographer in Malaysia together with other 28 local as well as Brunei professional photographers. 78 of masterpieces and photography works from different places in the world are displayed during the exhibition. The exhibition starts from 3 September until 30 October 2015 in Tourism Malaysia Centre (MaTic).


Strategic collaboration between ministry and HOHO bus company, Elang Wah Sdn Bhd is undeniably a smart way to promote Malaysia as HOHO bus is synonym to tourists and one of the significant tourism product in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


At global level, UNWTO launched a hashtag campaign  #1billiontourists and #WTD2015 to enliven the celebration of World Tourism Day 2015. To show support for the local tourism industry, public are urged to upload their holiday photos in any of the local tourist destination with the hastag #MYWorldTourismDay.


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