Journey of Happiness

How's your day? Are you happy today? What make you happy? Great food? Achieve what you targeted? Being with someone you love? Learning something new? I hope to hear from you guys on this :D

While I was strolling at a shopping mall in KL, I saw a piece of wonderful painting at a small exhibition corner which caught my attention. I walked closer to have a look to see all the details at the canvas. I truly like the simple message given by the drawing while using mixed medium with the right way to make the painting looks vibrant :D

Happiness is the moment being with someone we love :D For me, love should encompass more than boy-girl relationship.

I continued to have a look for other art works which might surprise me like the first drawing. The middle piece interests me as it tells others about Malaysian with the beautiful traditional wooden houses which are found mostly in non urban area.

The abstract piece that I like with the overall combination of only 2 main colours, blue and yellow which still looks great with its simplicity.

I guess the artist is drawing himself indulging in the gastronomic journey of his favourite food :D That's how he defines happiness.

A very feminine drawing with soft and simple painting of flowers and birds surrounding the lady. Happiness is being in a beautiful nature place and having freedom to do it might explain what I think about this art piece.


There are photography exhibition corner as well at the other side.

Kids and bubbles, the fun time I missed during childhood. Sometimes I feel like having a kid now which I think is very fun to have a little one who is a mirror image of self. But I think I'm way too far from it as I'm still single right now. My mum even teased me that no man would like to have me as wife. Well, I might start to accept what she said and plan life if I'm not marry :D

Everyone has different way of being happy. We always hope to get rid of problems and obstacles but they are happen anyway uncontrollably. That's my sharing. Hope you all are happy always and I will be glad to hear your comments on happiness!Happy Wednesday :D


  1. Nice post. I hope to do and live a happy life with family. Haha.

  2. Great thoughts, Emily. I'm happy when I cook, blog, redecorating the home, spending time with loved ones, when I go on road trips. I guess I'm happy a!

  3. Nice artwork! Live happily and be happy. Stay happy Emily!

  4. Oh very cute art darling! And that is trith each people ahs a different perception of happiness~ :D
    Lovely post!

  5. Very interesting!! <3

    Have a lovely week ahead

  6. Beautiful works! different for everyone like you said...Just like the obstacles or challenges we encounter in life... Lovely post!


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