Eco Murai Rimba

The pristine Eco Murai Rimba is about 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. The tranquil environment gives every visitor a peace of mind and makes it as an ideal place for book reading, bird watching and even swimming at the waterfalls with a guaranteed temperature of 28 C all year round.  

There is no sign boards at the roadside. Thus, my friend got lost when finding this place at night.


Eco Murai Rimba is a bit hidden as one can not see it from outside. We need to walk through the gate as shown in picture above to the resort. It is actually located at the riverside.


The only landmark I able to find is the surau awam located next to the resort and visible to all road users.



Eco Murai Rimba is much more than lush tropical gardens, rain forest and wildlife.   

The only chalet in the lodge which can accommodate approximately for 4 persons is shown in the picture.The whitish paint at the chalet gives an exotic impression to every guest.

The only thing that I dislike is the shared bathroom outside the bedroom which might be inconvenient for me whenever I want to use toilet.

 I supposed to share my room with another girl but she did not come for the event and eventually I had the whole bed my own that night :D

The dinner setting in the resort is kinda awesome and romantic!It is a perfect spot for couple dining under the starry night.


 Candle light dinner, isn't that sound romantic?


Our wefie at the cottage of the resort. I put my cam at the speaker and set the timer, at last this is the outcome. This is quite random shot as I did not think much of asking anyone taking the pictures together but they are sporting enough to be in place when I said I wanna take a wefie :D

The second shot is as great as the first one :D I am happy to know all of you!

I sat with Sulie and her colleague which I met before during other trip. All of us having a jolly time with lots of laughter when the 3 guys joining us together.

The most happening costume of the night belongs to Azlina. Well, I really like her costume.  She said she imitated lynx. A round applause for her effort. Haha I don't even dress up myself that night ;P

Then we had some chats with each other about our life, love relationship and etc.


I never expected the RTM crews I met this time are that talented. They played the guitars and performed some song to us. A big thank you to them as they willing to duet with me when I asked to perform by everyone.


Woke up around 7am next morning, I laid on the bed a while before getting up to have my breakfast.

To reduce carbon footprint, the lodge adheres to the sustainability of the environment which I feel great for their effort while making money. This includes:

-organic toilet amenities used
-energy efficient light bulbs
-environmentally responsible cleaning products
-reduction of paper usage/use of email for all correspondence
-use of recycled paper/both sides
-sourcing of locally made art works and products in the gift store
-all garbage from the lodge including kitchen fats is sorted and recycled

How could I miss to have fun dipping myself in the water when I have a chance! The water is freezing cold that early morning. I wish the water getting warmer a bit so that I can stay longer there :D

Thanks to Tourism Malaysia Selangor for the invitation and  the prize. I won third place in an instagram photo contest :D

B66, Jalan Lama Genting,
Sungai Pinang,
44300 Batang Kali,
Telephone:012-2505507 & 014-6355081


  1. sounds like a lovely place

  2. It looks like a really nice experience!
    Take care*

  3. Adorable place !
    Have a lovely weekend, kisses :)

  4. Wonderful <3

    Have a great Weekend Emily, lots of Hugs

  5. Amazing place... Congrats for the contest ^-^

  6. wow! nice place oh! :)

  7. Congrats on winning, Emily. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place - would love to visit one day. ^.^

  8. Congrats on your third place in the Instagram contest Emily! Looks like you had a great time! Would love to take a dip in the waterfall...

  9. Everything looks so beautiful, especially at the evening.


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