The Making of Snowskin Mooncake

It's Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow, just few days after Hari Raya Haji. Some of my friends took leave since Wednesday and back to KL on Sunday, such a long holiday. It is hazy in KL these few days due to forest fire in Indonesia. I choose to stay home than going outside as I really feel teary and sick with the smoke. After all, I wanna share some experience of making snowskin mooncake. Any snowskin mooncake lover here? I am :D

You just need a few tools and ingredients such as snowskin mooncake mix flour, paste and mooncake mold.


125ml of cold ice water 



Mix the flour with the ice cold water 


Mix all at slow speed until it becomes dough like above. Then close it with wet cloth as instructed in the label.


There are variety of choice in the market for the paste like cranberry, tiramisu, chocolate, red bean paste,green tea and etc.All are sweet.


1kg packet of paste can make approximately 13 fillings for the standard size of mooncake.

Wrap the paste with the dough previously made


After fully wrap, put into the mold


Push it out...or you might need to apply some rice flour to prevent it sticks inside. The mold costs around RM17 only.


Ok done. It is simple and easy.  Put into the fridge to let it cool and it is ready to be served then. Have a wonderful weekend everyone :D 中秋节快乐!


  1. Ohh they end up looking so pretty *-*
    I'm really curious about Moon Cakes! I wish I could try them out :3


  2. Oh wow the finish is super cute!
    Thanks for this post

  3. So sweet !
    Have a beautiful week :)

  4. Yum looks delicious Emily!! :)

    Keep in touch

  5. Cool, Emily! I've always wanted to make snowskin mooncakes but just didn't get to it. Lovely! xoxo

  6. I hate cooking, I'm so bad at doing it. But you got such an amazing skill :)

  7. Wow, it looks simple... I am also want to try it ^-^


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