Cite Cosme Beauty Reviews and Workshop

Sometimes you guys see me with a green light at the FB chat, yes I open it but I don't really browse though the content. Well, perhaps I always see negative kind of message in that platform and another thing is FB really uses up a lot of my time which I can use wisely on other more beneficial thing. How about you guys? I wrote this as some of my friends pm me and said:“so free r u? no lab work mehh?" Perhaps the polite way is just a simple hi which is good enough to start a conversation.


Last month, I have been invited for a beauty product review at Cite office. This was my second time joining them but the first time having it at Cite office. FYI, Cite is a publishing company who owns 女人我最大,Mina, Vivi Malaysia, Ray Malaysia beauty magazines. The ground floor of their 3-storey building is a book shop opened to public and mainly sell Chinese books from Taiwan.


This was their third time organized the beauty review. The first two times was held at shopping mall and opened to public to try the beauty products and vote for their favourite. However, they make some changes this year and select only 100 people from different age categories for the beauty products review. Thus, I'm one of the selected few :D 


We were divided into 5 different groups for the product testing. Each of the item was arranged orderly according to the category. 

We were requested to try the products in a limited time and give out the ratings and comments in a form like shown above. It was supposed to be fun but given a very short time rush me to maximum which I think I can't give a very objective view for every product I tried.

There was a workshop going on as well before starting our very rushing beauty products review session.


If you wanna a perfect curve, you can't be lazy. Understand that the weather might not allow you to go out for a jog, but here is a simple exercise to work out at home. This exercise targeted to firm the butt and leg.


Some useful tips on correct use of mask


Makeup demonstration on daily office look

Makeup demonstration on night dinner dating look XO

I never expect they gave out 2 goodies bag for everyone of us! Oh here are the goodies that I got. I noticed everyone of us has different goodies. Well, it is not a "free giveaway", we need to take a selfie and upload to instagram & FB and write a short review about it besides submitting a form like shown above in a given time frame.


  1. Looked like an really interesting event.=)

  2. This is very helpful and motivating to exercise is healthy and it benefit you in so many ways.

  3. Lovely treat. I missed all those beauty workshop but I hardly put on makeup nowadays. Lol.

  4. Oh, I feel the same way, Emily. It is impolite! As though being free and switching the FB chat on was a crime too. :D
    This is a lovely event - love the goodies!

    1. haha I now rmb that I opened the fb messenger that day as I wanna find my friend to ask for something xoxo

  5. They seem like amazing products!

    The Cutielicious

  6. awesome post and blog:) kisses!

  7. Yeah, so true that social media have a lot of negative.

  8. What a nice event, Emily! Your photos are lovely. :)

  9. Interesting Event ,thank you for the great Pics :)

    lovely Greets <3

  10. Oh wow, that's a lot of stuff to try! Bet you had fun! xoxo

  11. Very nice products and your dress is very cute. Kisses :)

  12. Nice product... Sure Malaysian girls interested about it ^-^


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