Lace Street Style for Women

Lace has been seen to be getting a huge attention among the ladies the past few years. Women love wearing lace fashion materials as it gives us that feminine soft ladylike look. There are various fashion looks that women can pull off wearing laces to any occasion. For the ladies who want that versatile lace clothing that can be worn to different places, below is three lace street style looks for women to pull together in style.

1. LWD
The LWD or known as lace white dress is sort of the same as the concept of a LBD.Every woman at least needs one stored in their closet at home. Whether a short or longlace white dress, women can wear this dress to work, special occasions or even on acasual day out. White lace dresses absolutely shows off an innocent side of a women toothers. For a funky look, you can always perk your white lace dresses with a jacket orstatement accessories.



2. Maxi skirt
A lace maxi skirt is perfect for the ladies who want to attempt that bohemian look. Matchit with a crop top, a nice t-shirt or even a button up shirt for multiple fashion street outfits.The lace skirt will definitely bring out the elegant side out of you. Match it with a crop topfor that laid back appearance or look sophisticated with a shirt.


3. Lace blouse
Lace blouse is a definite must-have for women to own as it is suitable to be worn at anyage. If you are looking for a time investment piece, lace blouses are the right choice. The lace blouses are available in various colours and match it with skirts, shorts or trousers.Choose from a  white  lace blouse to  a  bright  coloured one depending on  your  ownpersonal style.


  1. I love laces! I have a lace white blouse and a white dress. And one lacy black dress. Lace is beautiful, soft and feminine. Sexy too. :)

  2. Lovely! These are such elegant pieces. :D

  3. cute dresses

  4. You selection is a really nice one!
    I'm not a hugeee fan of lace, but I do like to have details of it in some of my pieces. Lace can make a woman look more feminine and delicate.

    Take care, have a nice day!

  5. Marvelous selection, lace is so pretty, I love it :)

  6. Beautiful lace dress
    ,also with your bag are looks well.and i also have a similar one,i dress it usually.and my boyfriend says it's great!

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