Blogger Babes Asia Launch @ Qliq Hotel

Last month, I was quite pack with events. Here are some photos for the Blogger Babes workshop organized by Clozette. Clozette is a beauty and fashion community opens for bloggers to join for free. What's more awesome is that the workshop organized is free!I mentioned Clozette before in my previous post, do check it out!




It was my first time been to Qliq Hotel, a brand new hotel opened not long ago. The interior design of the hotel is contemporary and what's interest me is the phone charger box offered for free to guests to charge their electronic gadget!


Imagine how awesome having this and hassle free to find plugs and take care of your phone while charging!


The workshop kicked off with brief introduction of Clozette community and the profile of the founder.


Invited speaker Heidi who also a well known fashion blogger sharing her blogging experience and tips for gaining more followers.


hmm...talking about consistent....nowadays I rarely update on time due to exhaustion after back home. What about you bloggers out there? Do you post every single day?


Heidi said pictures tell more than words as our brains process visuals 60k times faster than text. Do you agree? I will definitely agree if I view it from a point of a reader. That's perhaps I feel lazy when I see a page full with text.

Ok guys, join Blogger Babes Asia now for more information on the educational resources customized for bloggers.

  Again, Joanne won the lucky draw. This was her second time.

photo together with Heidi, currently she stays in LA although she is Malaysian.

photo credit to Joanne Yew
Till here my update for tonight :D  Gonna go for bed soon. My mind gone haywire because of works. Nevertheless, I am passionate towards my project. It will be a long term project which I have no idea sometimes as all the things I have to think myself. That's so called independent and with minimal supervision? Eventually I really hope the outcome of my project will be beneficial to the diabetic patients later. Anyway to all readers, thank you for reading my post! Love :D


  1. You are so pretty, I really love your dress. Nice event. Kisses :)

  2. You look great. I try to post 5 days a week

  3. This is an outstanding concept to help the diabetic and get the word out.

  4. Interesting event for you (and us :))! I do agree: the visual aspect is very important! You had the perfect dress on!

  5. Nice event and you look beautiful....xoxoxo...:)

  6. Awesome event & certainly great learning more about Clozette, dear! xoxo

  7. wow you always attend a lot of events! :D

  8. Wow, great event... You looks like a model ^-^

  9. What's the catch of attending this blogger babes event? :) We're also going to have this here in the Philippines by October. :D

  10. It is really helpful to organize some activities and corporate events outside of a regular team meeting, plan a special training session. Though this will require extra work to find a good time and location that is suitable for such activities.

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