Majlis Iftar eQurban @ Warisan Kaseh, Banting

某天我的部落格好友 tag 我,问我是否有兴趣去Banting 的 Majlis Iftar eQurban。当然心里觉得很疑惑,因为不懂是什么活动,而且还很远。经过一番网谈,他透露说去年他和老公以及孩子去参与,竟然有RM400 的duit raya, 老公RM200, 她也有RM200, 所以就叫我一起参与。哈哈,我听到很心动下,又有食物吃,又有钱拿,没想太多便答应出席。

One day my blogger bestie tagged me in FB if I am interested to go for Majlis Iftar eQurban. I was curious as I had no idea of the event and the venue was far away from my house. After chi chat with her, I got to know that she received RM400 festive monies from the organizer, RM200 herself and RM200 her husband respectively. I was touched and agreed to join as I heard there is delicious food besides duit raya.

我们没直接驾车去,反之主办单位已经准备好巴士在沙安南的回教堂的停车场等候。他们说4点准时到,我们抵达时已经4点半,在回教堂的大门口前的停车场停下,便开始打电话联络部落客好友是否已经抵达,以及巴士在哪里。可是,打过去才发现友人出水痘,怕感染我们所以临时缺席。我们看不到巴士便问是否去年巴士4点准时离开,他说是,我们便更加害怕了,怕白来一趟,结果上不到巴士。我和他都没有另个负责这活动主办人的电话,所以可想而知心情非常慌。可是在原地等候不是办法,我们决定开车在回教堂的停车场兜一兜(回教堂停车场非常大)。在途中,我们开车镜,问看守门口的保安是否有看见巴士,他说没看到,我们失望极了。但就在我们车往下坡走的时候(离保安处不远),就看到一辆巴士停在回教堂cafeteria 外面,便跑下车问巴士司机,结果终于给我们找到了。若我们之前没来兜以及相信别人的话,那么我们就去不到了。

After struggling a while, we managed to arrive at Shah Alam mosque and take the bus prepared for us to Banting.

抵达Banting的Warisan Kaseh 的时候,已经是6点45分了。从沙阿南到这里,我只看到巴士司机一直给收费站,估计也有4-5个站Warisan Kaseh 坐落在Banting 的一个马来村庄内,若你要我自己来,我可以写保单找不到此地。

By the time we reached, it was 6.45pm. From Shah Alam to here, I saw the bus passing through 4-5 tolls. Warisan Kaseh is located at a Malay village in Banting which I guess I may not able to reach if I come alone.


After stepping down from the bus, we move inside for registration.


Ops...all Malay inside. Both of us became the spot of everyone's eyes.


Satay which is a cuisine that will appear in every Ramadhan event.

有点特别的Cendol Bakar。没听过的人都会问什么是Cendol Bakar?不是指整个拿去烧,而是所使用的黄糖放在香蕉叶上烧到溶,然后放在冰沙内。据说这样子做,弄出来的Cendol Bakar 会比较香郁可口。

Little special Cendol Bakar. For those who never heard will ask me what is Cendol Bakar? It is not the ice burnt in fire, but the brown sugar burnt on banana leaves to melt before serving with the ice. They claimed by doing so, the cendol will be more delicious.

eQurban 的推介礼除邀请部落客外,也邀请了媒体记者们。

eQurban too invited media besides blogger.


Pen hung at the helicopter brought in for signing ceremony of the eQurban launching.



Light snack on the table. As they are fasting now, so both of us waiting for others for breaking the fast.

穆斯林的音乐团-Nasyid 献唱几首歌曲。

Muslim liveband- Nasyid performed a few songs.


大家都还记得在某月份内的某几天,马来人就会在那杀牛羊吧?没错,Qurban= Korban, 在这些日子,他们就杀牛羊奉献给阿拉以讨他的喜悦。eQurban 是一个网页生意,让本地的马来人上网买牛只,然后把牛肉分给在柬埔寨贫穷的穆斯林同胞们。在这计划中,那些Qurban的牛羊会在柬埔寨饲养以及宰杀,获得的利润将会用作发展柬埔寨的教育基金。据说柬埔寨的穆斯林一年才有机会吃到牛肉,反之马来西亚的穆斯林却时常都吃到,所以这就是为何祭拜仪式在柬埔寨办的原因。


She was the one who came to me and start chatting with me as I knew nobody there. And thankful to her as she explained to me what is eQurban so that I was not that blur.

From wikipedia:
Qurbāni (Arabicقربان‎) (or أضحية Udhiyyah as referred to in Islamic Law) is the sacrifice of a livestock animal during Eid-ul-Adha. The word is related to theHebrew qorbān "offering" and Syriac qurbānā "sacrifice", etymologised through the cognate Arabic triliteral as "a way or means of approaching someone" or "nearness".[1] 

eQurban is an online business where Malaysian can buy cow online and the person in charge will distribute the beef to those poor Cambodian Muslim after slaughtering. In this program, the cow will be fed and slaughtered in Cambodia. Profit from this program will be used as education fund for development in Cambodia. I was told that Cambodian Muslim only have a chance to eat beef once a year which Malaysian far more lucky than them, that is the reason why the 'Ibadah' was done in Cambodia.

This is somewhat contrast in concept with Buddhism which discouraged killing animals or living creatures on Earth. I was little bit sad when I saw the picture of animal being killed. Nevertheless, I respect their religion belief.


Initially I asked to have personal photo shoot with her as I didn't know others. But it ended up getting all together as I found they sneaked in behind both of us (funny isn't it?) and I asked them to join us. 

由去年的RM200块缩到今年的RM50, 有点小失望,不过还是好过没有,因为这是不劳而获的呢!

Little bit disappointment as they cut down the duit raya from RM200 to RM50 this year. But I was still happy as the money received without any effort.


Red dates from goodies bag, my bf said they are yummy! Well, I will keep and eat as dates can help our bodies to make blood.

还有记事本以及锁匙圈。我是真的懂吃,但是不懂价格。原来一头牛也要RM1750, 一只羊是RM550, 一部分的牛肉也要RM250, 真的好贵哦!难怪上次看新闻,在某个州属,有人竟然深夜用proton 偷取3头牛只哦!

Notebook and keychain from goodies bag. I really don't know that a cow can costs RM1750, one part of it costs RM250 and a lamb costs RM550.


Nasyid that day also gave everyone of us a CD worth RM19.90 each. I am not interested with it and wanna giveaway to my readers (Muslim only) here.  For those who wanna get it, please leave your comments here telling me why you wanna win it, and I will select 4 winners.


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