Massage Party @ Amante Spa & Body Care


When we age, we easily feel tired. I saw there was a party organized by Butterfly on Facebook, without thinking much, I decided to join.

Amante 有11间分行,而这次派对的地点是位于大城堡的那一间。

There are 11 Amante branches. The massage party was held at Sri Petaling branch.

走上一楼,这里有个休息处。在一角落旁,也有个拍照点,也就是当天赞助商之一的Photobooth Malaysia.

Walking to the first floor, there is a few chairs for us to sit down and relax. At one corner, there is a backdrop for photoshooting, sponsored by  Photobooth Malaysia.

另一边则有漂亮的桌布,上面都摆满了各式各样的西式糕点,全部乃是Teaffani Pattiserie 赞助。

At another side, a long table decorated with flowerish cloth was fully catered with a lot of delicious desserts, sponsored by Teaffani Pattiserie.


As I am one of the early comer, after doing some snapshot, I was being called going up to second floor for my massage session. The ambience is great with the music played, which makes one truly relaxing to enjoy the massage.

the bed at the massage room

我选择做香薰疗按摩因为问过那里的专家他们说这个对身体排毒较好。相反地,Amante 的热石头按摩是最好卖的按摩配套。上图是为我挑选使用的按摩油。

I chose to have aromatherapy massage as I had been advised that was the better way to detox. On the other hand, Amante is famous for hot stone massage too. The bottle was the massage oil chosen for me.
photo from Peggy


First time being massaged by stranger, I was not used to it. Feel like I was a meat on the chopping board for others to be pushed. But towards the end, the experienced sifu pressing my backbone, I heard a loud 'crac' sound. Sifu said that was caused by tiredness of my body after working. She also added that she already adjusted my backbone back to place.


As I rushed for another event later in evening, so I just simply choose a colour asking the staff to paint for me.

以上的食物都是Teaffani Pattiserie 所提供,而摆盘和场地设计所有都是Ask Joey所承包。真的很感谢他们,食物全部都很美味哦!

All food was sponsored by Teaffani Pattiserie, while all the decoration was sponsored by Ask Joey. Really thanks for their kindness for supporting the event, the food all looked great and tasted great too!


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  2. It is a place for people to relax

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