Shills Exclusive Bright Me & Love Me Product Launching

自上次Shills Bulgarian Rose Product Launching 后,这是我第二次受邀参加它的另个产品发布会。

This was my second time invited to Shills event after Bulgarian Rose Product Launching.


The venue is very near to my house.


During the event, a few girls kicked off the launching by performing dance. I met them at Bulgarian Rose Product Launching before.


Emcee and Shills Product Speaker was same as previous.

单单看邀请谏真的不知道该公司是什么产品发布,去到才知道原来Bright Me &Love Me 是两个系列的产品。

By looking at the invitation e-card, I have no idea what are the products that they launched. By the time I reached, I only noticed Bright Me & Love Me are two separate series of products.


There was demonstration on stage.


那天的来宾都有机会体验Bright Me 系列里的产品。我们当场被‘脱’得清光。工作人员在我手上喷Instant Hair Removal Mousse, 效果就像小图那样。

Every guests on that day were given a chance to try their Bright Me series products. The crew sprayed Instant Hair Removal Mousse like shown in the picture.


A lot of bubbles, when the bubbles first sprayed to my hand, I felt icy cold.


tick...tock...tick...tock...finally can removed. The crew removed all the dirts and furs on my hand using wet tissues.


Comparing both my hand, there was difference between both as one was furless and looked fairer.

Bright Me 系列产品内的价钱表

Price list of Bright Me series products

Love Me 系列是适用于私处地方的产品。

Love Me series products are focusing more on private part.

Love Me 系列产品内的价钱表

Price list of Love Me series products

结束前还有个有奖问答环节,我第一个抢答成功,可是礼物不是很丰富。希望下次举办的Q&A, 大会可以准备一些当天发布的产品作为礼物,那么会更加有意思。

Before ending the event, there was Q&A session. I was the first to answer correctly but the prize was not so attracting. Hopefully during future Q&A session, they can giveaway some products from current product launching.


There was free manicure service on that day. I was planning to line up for free service but canceled my thought when a friend told me the nail polishes they brought were dried. She shown me the fingernails that had been applied and it looked bad.

每次launching 必有好料吃!我想通通都是女生的最爱,甜点哦!

Every launching, there was some nice food! Sweet treats this time, girls' favourite!

Door gifts from launching

我是真的非常喜欢Shills 的Bright Me Instant Hair Removal Mousse, 因为是一下子就可以脱毛了,而且没有那种很刺鼻的味道。Love Me Feminine Spray 是我首次看到此类的产品,可以喷在私处,内裤或者卫生棉以吸掉那些气味,保持干爽以及防菌,的确是为女生度身订做的哦!

I really love Shills Bright Me Instant Hair Removal Mousse as we no need to wait long for the fur to be removed, and there is no stingy smell. Love Me Feminine Spray is the product I firstly see in the market, as that can be used on private place, underwear, napkins to absorb moisture and neutralizes odors for long lasting freshness as well as anti-bacterial, truly customized for girls' needs!


  1. 我最不喜欢那种刺鼻的味道了。

    1. 刺鼻的味道,怕闻多不好哦!

  2. The instant hair removal looks interesting. Your write up is good :)

    1. thanks for your compliment ^^
      Hope u visit me again


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