Celcom Berbuka Puasa @ Milk and Butter

前些时候在某部落格的文章标题看到Milk and Butter 这家餐厅的名字,心里就很好奇,里面到底是不是全部都是卖牛奶和奶油而已?因为我懒惰按进去看,所以直到那天受到Celcom 的邀请出席他们的Berbuka Puasa 晚餐聚会才知道原来并非如此。

I saw Milk and Butter name in a blogger's post title. I was curious that time what things they selling, milk and butter only? As I lazy to click her blog to read, so I only knew the answer when I received invitation from Celcom to attend Berbuka Puasa dinner over there.

Milk and Butter
 这家餐厅坐落在Bangsar ,一个非常旺的区域,一整排几乎都是餐厅/咖啡厅或者服装店。到晚上10点多,店铺还没关,而且还亮着的呢!

The restaurant located in Bangsar, a very busy commercial area. Almost the shop opened in a row is boutique or restaurant/cafeteria. Till 10pm, the shop not yet close.

Milk and Butter


Looking at the food on the table, I get to know that I'm wrong. They are not only selling milk and butter.


Inside the restaurant, many bloggers already seated waiting to start. Do you see any familiar figure? 


Variety of food.


Isn't the emcee handsome?


To kick off the event, we were asked to open the box that given to us as door gift during registration. We all made a blind guess of what inside. We also been told to be careful when holding it, so we thought it was glass in the box. But we were wrong, that was a cake with beautiful watch made from sugar, wasn't it special?

箱子的另一边里面贴了个帖子,声称只要在一天upload 2次RM10 或者 RM30 就有机会赢取RM10,000 的手表。

In the box, there was a sticker written that if we uploaded RM10 twice or RM30 in a day, we had a chance to win RM10,000 watch.

这就是传说中价值RM10,000 的手表。

This was how RM10,000 watch looked like.

马来歌手Liyana Fizi 也在当天献唱几首抒情的歌曲。

Malay singer Liyana Fizi also sang a few songs to entertain us.


After her session, what coming next was a game that challenged one's IQ. My partner who always blur became the winner of that day, that was surprising me enough. But I was happy for him too as he won a watch worth RM300+/-.


  1. 他有的是小聪明,不是乱乱SHOW出来的。

  2. 他好像每一次参加活动都会拿份奖品回家。

    1. 哈哈,可没有,有的话也没有我的份 =="


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