不一样的糖仁街 @ China Town Dessert

这店的名字挺有创意的说,念起来也带有‘唐人街’的读音在内,而且也很容易记得。这店面坐落在Pandan Indah, 一个非常旺的商业区域,要找个泊车位是挺难的事。

The shop has a very creative name- 糖仁街(Tang Ren Jie) is same pinyin with 唐人街 which means China Town, that made people easily to remember the name. China Town Dessert is located at Pandan Indah, a very dense commercial area which is quite hard to find a car park actually.


We have been invited by Moola coming to China Town Dessert for food review, tasting their most popular or most special food.

Peanut And Dried Oyster Porridge – RM 8.50


First and foremost, peanut and dried oyster porridge is my favourite! I like seafood, oyster and peanut giving a perfect combination. I can not stop to scoop it into mouth spoon by spoon as the porridge spiced till one could not resist! Moreover, the peanut is cooked till so soft that an old man can eat it without any help.

Spaghetti Bolognese (Pork) With Mayonnaise Chicken Chop - RM 11.80


Spaghetti is common among Malaysian, and we can have it at most of the restaurant in Malaysia, but the difference is the cooking method. It was quite surprising when the waiter served their spaghetti to us! At first sight, we did not even know that it was a spaghetti, the sauce was too much till the spaghetti were covered. Next, we had chicken chop at the dish too, which was very rarely to be seen. With a big plate, a girl with normal stomach will never finish by herself. The spaghetti sauce is cooked with meat, which never tasted sour but flavoursome.

Szechuan Hot Soup Ramen with Chicken Chop – RM 7.20


What coming next was Szechuan Hot Soup Ramen with Chicken Chop, another dish paired with chicken chop after spaghetti. Szechuan Hot Soup Ramen was truly spicy. My tongue was numb when eating. One need to finish it fast as the noodle will become soft after dipped in the soup for long time.

Curry Chicken Rice - RM 7.50

Szechuan Soy Bean Paste Ramen – RM 6.80

I have no comment about the two dishes above.

Deep Fried Chicken Wing with Prawn Paste (2pcs) – RM 5.80

Another specialty here is their deep fried chicken wing which uses prawn paste to marinate. It is surely more tasty than other chicken sold at other place.

Deep Fried Eggplant with Chicken Floss – RM 6.80


This plate of finger food is our favourites. Bloggers and Moola staffs were eyeing on it till the whole plate of food stayed in our stomach. Deep fried eggplant with chicken floss is very special; deep fried eggplant is spiced to deep fried and spicy to chew, paired with chicken floss which gives sweetness taste, it is totally very crispy to bite and brings satisfaction to every diners.

Chinese Leek Pancake – RM 4.20


Next another street food- Chinese Leek Pancake!My mum used to cook for me when I was a child. So I really love the food. Chinese Leek Pancake prepared by this restaurant is within acceptable range, little bit salty which is normal, fried till crispy at outer layer but soft in the inner layer.

Sesame Snow Skin (Red Bean) – RM 4.20

Sesame Snow Skin is very catchy as everyone will stare at it due to its appearance. When we bite, it taste like mooncake we have during mid-autumn festival. What made both difference was the portion and the additive- sesame.

Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger Soup – RM 6.00

Last time we only eat Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) once a year during December when 'winter' (过冬)coming. But now we can have it always at this restaurant. The ginger soup suits my taste bud, it warms my body.  I like their glutinous rice balls as the sesame paste will immediately flowing out when we bite. It is indeed a sweet and delicious Chinese dessert!

Strawberry Mango Sago Pomelo with Mango Pudding – RM 7.80

Mixed Fruits Lao – RM 9.50


The ingredients used in both dessert are almost same. The main role- mango is not too sour, but sweet and crispy. Both also use fruits in dessert making, which is beneficial to our intestines, helps to detox and very suitable for those having constipation.

No.11G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8, 
Pandan Indah, 
56000 Cheras Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. 最想吃它的炸茄子,因为没看过涅。。。

    1. yeah! 明智的选择!

  2. Moola? Hmm..well should give it a try since you recommended it :)
    Thx for sharing!

    1. Moola is cashless app that allow you to earn points and pay the bill with outlets supported with Moola by points. You can join Moola as they give away dining vouchers too!

      Not forget ask ur friend together, so that u can order more, sharing btw each and at the same time with pay less!

  3. Hi, thanks for giving China Town Dessert your great feedback as well with such nice photos. Appreciate :)


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