Road Trip to Hat Yai from KL

It was a long planned trip. I asked around with my friends and ended up just 2 of us going in the end. Others were not interested. My parents was asking who was going with me and how many friends, I told a lie that I went with a bunch of friends just not to let them worry. I'm kinda bad right? Hmm...


We booked the bus ticket online. 4 routes for KBES daily and we chose 11pm as the custom opens at 6am, we estimate to reach during that time. The rate from KL to Hatyai is RM58.40. But we paid around RM60+ for the 2% gateway charges of the website and bank online transfer. For the extra charges incurred, it is still better than traveling to Bandar Tasik Selatan station to buy the bus ticket.


After payment, we got the e-boarding pass as displayed above in our email. Nevertheless, we can't board on the bus with the pass. Still we need to arrive early at the counter to obtain the bus ticket.


It was a double decker bus. We booked the seat at the lower deck as those are the only seats equipped with plug.

Not many seats at the lower deck.

We were told to change bus at Perak as the bus operator said Thai government not allows double decker bus to enter into their land as the bus might crash the wires there.

Before the custom, the bus stopped at Changlun for us to take our breakfast. Meanwhile, the bus drivers collected our passports helping us to fill in the white card.

They returned our passports, white cards together with the insurance receipt.

By the time we left Malaysia custom office, the sky already brighten. 

And when we proceeded to Thai custom, the queue was long. 

Out of surprise, I was the first few person to board on the bus.

Wuuhuu....this is Hatyai.....

The first impression with Thailand was great with this handsome Thai policeman xoxo

The first thing we did when got down from the bus was buying the return bus ticket on 3 January. The price ticket also vary with the departure time. Much cheaper during the morning session.

The bus ticket for KBES was almost sold out and the time only available for early morning session. Thus we chose Sri Maju and bought with 500 bhat, departing at 7pm.

It came with insurance coverage as well. Till here my sharing of the transport part from KL-Hatyai-KL. Stay tune for more ;D


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