Treasure Hunt @ Genting Awana

 Hi everyone, I'm back to blog again. I was missing in action for a while due to final exam and a trip to Thailand. Here is some pictures  from Genting Awana trip last time with underprivileged youth. It was the last day treasure hunt game that not only challenged us physically when going up and down the hill from one station to another but also mentally for solving every task given in shortest time possible.

 The first task was to solve the tangram. ( is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes)

 puzzle treasure hunt genting awana 


We were almost last to finish the first task. Nevertheless, we successfully did it at last and proceeded to another station.

The second task required us to carry the water bucket from one side to another side using the ropes. We had to do it outside the circle. 

The first bucket was empty while another was half filled with water. We had to carry it carefully in case the water being poured out.

Next station, we had to ask one of our team members to swing at the rope like a monkey while collecting the golf ball at the ground.


One of the toughest task was the wooden clogs. We had to walk like a crab with the other team members while passed through some obstacles.

The next following station was the bridge crossing. All the team members have to cross to the other side using only 2 wooden stick. I played this before, it was not challenging for me...LOL

We were almost last to start the game. But we were the first to finish it. It was unexpectedly after all. The task required us to make a kind of weapon used in old days for throwing the bomb to the enemy side. It was made with recycle items such as paper box and wooden stick. It was tested that the ball placed at the edge of the stick there can be thrown for a far distance.

The last task was very simple. It was a crossword puzzle. We used only 5 minutes to finish and first team to submit :)

The next activity was Eco fashion show. We were only given paper box, selefon tape, garbage bag to make it into a wearable outfit.

Look at all these models! Pretty amazed with the other teams' creativity.

Her group won the first prize for Eco fashion show contest and she was being interviewed by the Bernama TV. Congrats to all winners. Hope to see you guys again in future.


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