11 Street shopping experience

I do shop online as it is quite convenient with few clicks without hassle of finding parking slot or queuing up long at the cashier counter to pay. This is my personal opinion of sharing some of the items I bought from 11 street. It was my first time shopping at the said website.

11 street is a website offering a platform for sellers to sell their products thus buyers have variety of products to shop.


But bear in mind, not every seller is good. I do receive this electricity saving plug like used many times with dust on it when I opened the box. I was in shock as I never experience such thing before. Imagine you spend money to pay for something like this? I check back the seller link, it was then suspended. Thanks God for that so that other shoppers would not go through what I go through.

The nude bra I bought.

Next the 16 GB micro SD card, well it is worth back the money I spent. I put it into my camera. This is especially useful when I travel for many days which offers me enough storage for all the photos taken :D Till here my update about my shopping experience. Do look out for their website especially on 11th of every month which they will put on some great offers for shoppers.


  1. I love shopping online & visit these shops almost every other day. Hahaha! Great picks, Emily! xoxo

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience, Emily! That's a horrible thing to do by the seller. -_-

  3. Love to read abt your shopping experience..nice post
    Keep in touch

  4. Love this!

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  5. I love shopping online, so exciting to get all the packages and very convenient!

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  6. Happy New Year beauty, I wish you all the best for 2016.
    Very nice shopping. Kisses :)

  7. 11street sure seems like a good place to do online shopping. But we have to make sure that we purchase from reliable sellers



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