'Jom Jelajah Koperasi' Day 1 @ Penang

Schedule of the Day 1(第一天路程): Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad > Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad 

In previous post, I already mentioned I traveled to Penang for a 4 days trip. Today I'm gonna share my stay experience and what I did in this beautiful state, Penang, northern part of Malaysia.


'Jom Jelajah Koperasi' Day 1 @ Penang

I have been to Penang but that was about 4 years back before Ernest Zacharevic painted all the awesome murals in the streets of Penang. Therefore, I was quite excited actually. Thanks to my friend from Aroma magazine who extended the invite to me, Gaya Travel magazine and Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia who put so much efforts in making the event success.

我有去过槟城一次但是那是4年前的事了就是Ernest Zacharevic还未在槟城留下美丽壁画前。所以这次是蛮兴奋的说。这次非常感谢来自Aroma杂志的朋友把邀请展延给我,也多谢Gaya Travel magazine 以及Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia那么卖力的付出为了让这整个活动成功。

why I'm single eyelids but both my brothers are double eyelids??? LOL
I was there at 630am as the bus going to depart at 7am. Surprisingly the bus was there at around 640 am when others were yet to be there. Quite punctual the bus driver!

At this moment I was quite sad, just found out my phone was unable to switch on due to unknown reason. Black Friday! I still got lots Kuching travel photos inside! ><" (just one thing lucky is that all 2000 photos of the Penang travel photos were extracted out yesterday). Please don't whatsapp/ LINE/ Wechat me cause I unable to see your message. Sobs


在我写到这的时候,我很伤心,刚发现我的电话不知何故无法开启。黑暗星期五!我还有很多古晋的游玩照片在里面!(唯一幸运的是我2000多张的槟城游记照片昨天已经搬出来了)请不要whatsapp/ LINE/ Wechat我,因为我完全看不到你们的讯息。哭

This was my very first time to join Gaya Travel event and cooperative program. Jom Jelajah Koperasi is same meaning as Let's Explore Cooperative. (cooperative is autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit-wikipedia)

这是我第一次参与Gaya Travel 活动和合作社的项目。Jom Jelajah Koperasi 是指一起探索合作社的意思。(合作社是指根据合作原则建立的以优化社员(单位或个人)经济利益为目的的非盈利企业形式-维基百科)

En Shamsul from Gaya Travel gave us a short brief about the program and asked us to introduce ourselves one by one through an ice-breaking session on the bus. (every time doing so I will face red and think like I'm still a primary student...hahaha)

来自Gaya Travel 杂志的 Shamsul 先生在巴士上向我们简单述说这几天项目的内容以及要我们每人自我介绍。(每次这么做我都很害羞以及会让我觉得我好像是小学生似的...哈哈哈)

In the goodies bag, everyone was given a box of chocolate chip biscuit from one of the cooperative in Penang, a note pad, a ball and a plastic fan.


From KL heading to Penang, it is estimated to be at least 4 hours of journey. I never travel to that far these few years thus kinda boring and tired sitting on the bus for long hours. Nevertheless, the scenery is breathtaking along the way. It was not hot but cloudy and foggy. I really like this kind of weather!


Around 9am, we stopped by Rawang for breakfast. I don't eat much for breakfast normally and a cup of chocolate drink is enough. I topped up with 2 pieces of bread on that day as I thought that would be lots of activities following this.


Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad 

Finally, we reached Penang. Our first station was Kompleks Warisan Pandai Besi (Steel Proficient Heritage Complex) at Pekan Darat, Seberang Perai Utara.

终于我们抵达槟城了。我们的第一站是位于Pekan Darat, Seberang Perai Utara 的Kompleks Warisan Pandai Besi (钢铁精通文物馆)。

Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad 

In this complex, there is gallery, sales centre and information room for visitors /tourists.


Steel @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

Do you know what is this for? (Hint: used for a fruit)You will need to sit on the wood and do it. Honestly, I never seen this before and only knew what was this after explained by my friend.

Various kind of steels made by them for different usage.


blacksmith @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

blacksmith @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

blacksmith @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

blacksmith @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

Steel @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

The delicate Malay swords!


This bent Malay sword was named 'Keris'.


Steel @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

Long knife


The main products produced by them are parang, knife, kris, rubber tapping knife, sickle and palm stamp.


I always heard others say, when you are travelling, you will discover the real self. Okay, this is my funny side! By the way, I'm friendly. Don't stay away ya!


Bird cage @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

Apart from the steels, they are selling birdcage as well. There are small and big cages selling. All are made by the villagers.


Bird Cage @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

The villager showed us how the birdcage is made.


Bird Cage Making Demo @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

And there was a demo by the kids! Wow they are young and talented!


The enterprise is started by Tuan Haji Salleh who immigrated from Patani, South of Thailand in 1820. The craftsmanship is unique here as the skill and knowledge are inherited from generation to generation until today generation which is known as 'Steel Proficient'.

这里的企业是1820年由从Patani,泰南移民这里的 Tuan Haji Salleh 开始的。这里的铁匠工业很特别因为技术和知识都是一代传一代,直到现代被誉为‘钢铁精通’的美号。

Workshop @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

Next, we were brought to the workshop where need us to walk less than a mile from the complex.


This was much exciting part for me as I can see in reality how they made the knife and others.



It was hot and dusty inside here. But that was okay for me as I so much eager to learn something new! I'm just a curious babe! Haha...that's nothing if compared to those who work here day by day besides the hot stove and dusty condition!


The hammering place for a blacksmith


Repeating the same steps, burning and hammering it


They said every time they hit the metal, it must be same rhythm

dong...dong...dong... dong



arrghh that was lots more information I saved at my phone. But it can't be switched on at this moment, there is nothing more I can share here ><"


Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

Everyone was given a souvenir by the cooperative. Steven Shreak is one of the international bloggers from US, currently resides at Australia who joined us in this trip.

每人也获得合作社赠送的小礼物。Steven Shreak 是这次旅游中参与我们的外国博客,他来自美洲,现居澳洲。

Souvenir @ Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Seberang Perai Berhad

It is an opener for areca. Thank you so much for their precious gift ^^


Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad 

Our next destination was Mengkuang Titi village, located about 25km from Butterworth and 32km from Georgetown via the Penang Bridge. The village obtained its name from 'mengkuang' (Pandanus tectorius) plants that grow in abundance around the village. The pant has long sharp, serrated sword like leaves. Kampung Mengkuang Titi with its 800 residents still retains its rustic traditional charm and way of life. Agriculture and cottage industries are still the main sources of income for the locals.

我们的下一站是Mengkuang Titi 村子,坐落在离北海的25公里和离乔治市32公里处。这村子的名字使用 'mengkuang' (露兜植物)字眼是因为这地方都四处都长露兜。这植物的叶子长而尖,拥有锯齿剑状叶。Mengkuang Titi 居民至今还保留着质朴的传统生活方式。农业和家庭手工业仍然是当地收入的主要来源。

Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

Once coming down from the bus, we were all welcomed warmly by the local villagers. It was so grand till made me think of Malay wedding parade...hahaha..an honourable moment for me


Silat Performance @ Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad
Next we got the 'Silat' (Malay martial art) show.



This is very real to me! For what I saw before, the silat show presented was like a fighting dance in slow motion but this one really amused me! They were having a real fight at the hard tar road.


Silat Performance Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

Silat is a form of traditional martial art practised by old days Malay warriors. Macho Cho, who is wearing a white cap from Korea was watching attentively too!LOL

Silat是旧时代马来武士的武术。Macho Cho, 戴白色帽子的那位韩国人也看得津津有味!哈哈

The kick was strong!


Another strike


Finally, the show was over, the guy who managed not letting the other to get up won!


another funny me....playing the swing at the ground

Hmm... should I say thank you to Yusree who captured my funny face? LOL Please I hope no more funnier than this in your camera.


push and pull the rope game @ Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

Following next, we got 'sukaneka' (fun) activities. 


The emcee asked me to walk faster and non-stop teasing me. Alamak~suddenly become the spot of attraction

As the name of the game suggested is walking in the sandbag, I don't know why others are running? LOL (Thanks to malcolmsunny.com who captured this photo for me!)


Pulling the coconut leaf with someone sittng on it @ Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

This is one of the game that I always wanted to play cause I never play this during childhood. It is more popular among Malay kids. (Thanks to malcolmsunny.com who captured this photo for me!)


Pulling the coconut leaf with someone sitting on it @ Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

Macho Cho was trying to understand how the game works. (Thanks to malcolmsunny.com who captured this photo for me!) I enjoyed this game but not as a competition cause kinda scary when they pull very fast and I got hurt falling from the leaf.

Macho Cho 正在了解该游戏是如何玩的。(感谢malcomsunny.com为我拍的照片!)我很享受玩这个游戏但是不是比赛的方式因为拉得太快就有点恐怖以及我也从叶子上掉下来弄伤了。

'fishing' the bottle @ Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

It was traditional game. I never play this before. Thanks to the friendly pak cik at this village who taught me how to play...LOL  Again, thanks to malcolmsunny.com who captured this photo for me!


Malay Cuisine @ Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

After that, we went to own foster parent house to take a bath before we come back for dinner. This all is Malay traditional food. The raw vegetables (known as ulam in Malay) are eaten directly that way.


If you ever been to Malay village, then you will know that the Malay is eating with hand instead of the utensils. All by right hand.


Penang Boria

At that night, there was cultural performance such as Penang Boria, traditional drum and 1 Malaysia Dance. And we were asked to come up the stage to dance together with the professional dancer! LOL...hopefully other bloggers not posting my silly dancing photo!



Next, we were served with lempeng, a traditional Malay pancake. This was my first time trying it. From top, it looks like roti canai as it served with curry together but no,this is smaller and thicker, and it mixed with coconut.

接下来村民也为我们准备马来糕点lempeng, 一种马来的煎饼。这是我第一次尝试。从上面看下来有点像印度煎饼因为它与咖哩汁一起吃但是不是呢,这个比较小和厚还放了椰丝。

my foster parent house, Mengkuang Titi Village, Penang @Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

my foster parent house, Mengkuang Titi Village, Penang @Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

my foster parent house, Mengkuang Titi Village, Penang @Koperasi GDW Mengkuang Pulau Pinang Berhad

This is where I stayed for a night at Mengkuang Titi village. It is not a very big house, but they provided the best they possible to offer for us. Another blogger and I shared a room, and that is the air-conditioned master room with bathroom attached while my foster parents stay at a smaller room with the only fan. I was so thankful for the hosting and hope to see them again in future! Till here, wait for my next post!


Koperasi Pandai Besi Pekan Darat Pulau Pinang Berhad
Bengkel Utama Pandai Besi
Jalan Hj. Murshid, Pekan Darat,
13800 Butterworth,
Pulau Pinang.


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