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The first online website I shopped was Groupon back to few years ago. I bought dining voucher that time. Most of the items sold in Groupon were mostly cafe/restaurant cash voucher. The only drawback is that you only allows to redeem at certain period of time after purchasing. Valid within 1 month from date of purchase. Thus in case you forgot, you lost the deal and money! Meanwhile, I heard last time Groupon users have to show the voucher bought to notify the merchants before ordering. What comes after that is the portion size of the dish might be bit smaller than other customer who pay regular price! There are stories I heard last time, happening with other bloggers. I'm not too sure with current situations now.

Then was a nightmare for me! I ordered 2 office chairs yet they took about 4 months+ to reach my house. Every time we called to the office, we took luck for the staff to pick up the phone. Referring back to their facebook page, a lot of people complaining about the same thing which delayed too long for the goods to arrive. So later we complained to the consumer association of Malaysia as we can’t reach any staff to solve our problems. But lastly we received the goods after a long wait.  I found out recently they just rebranded to but I was not dare to deal with them anymore.

Lazada and Zalora are big brand under the same company which I trust and purchase with them few times already. The first thing I bought from Lazada was my smartphone which I used until now and a compact camera (comes in package with phone). They allow COD for the items just an extra charge of RM5 as COD meaning to pay at the spot when the goods arrive. So it basically allows me to check if the phone and camera function or not before I pay the despatch man from Taqbin. It was a bit slow last time for the shipment like waiting for more than 3 days for the goods to arrive. For my recent purchase, the cartridge, the delivery was quite fast. I placed my order on 6 Jan, and I got it on 8 Jan morning. The supplier was from Johor Bahru! I bought in Zalora as well. I placed my order on 31 December and expected to reach my house by 4 January. But it was faster than what I expected, I got a message from them that the goods fail to deliver to me on 2 January as I was off to vacation that time asking me for reschedule. I called Zalora when I back and in noon, I received calls from despatch man and my goods afterwards. One of the big improvements I saw with Zalora and Lazada was their goods tracing service. We able to know the delivery status of our stocks by accessing the website. Another thing is that we able to earn points by shopping with them, and the points can be accumulated with AirAsia big shot card or B card. The points can be used to redeem something. A thing that Zalora has but Lazada does not have is the return service. All the Zalora despatch bags are recyclable. Inside there was a postlaju note. In case we are not satisfy with the goods, we can repack it using the same bag and stick the postlaju note on it then return back to Zalora without a single cent. 

For the 11, there are lots of goods offered range from groceries, makeup, skincare, electronics, food, fashion and etc. The company is originated from Korea. From my last shopping experience, it was not totally a pleasant one. Wonder why? I do blog about it here:
The shipping fee for all goods are not standardized. If we shop different things from different merchants at, we might end up paying different rates of shipping fee. This is not same with Zalora/Lazada. Zalora charge RM5 if all our goods checked out is not more than RM75 in total. For example. if we shop a pillow from merchant A at 11, merchant A charge RM7 for shipping goods A, we shop a bag from merchant B, merchant B charge RM10 for shipping goods B.  We need to pay RM17 for the shipping fee of goods A and B at 11 street. The shipping fee cannot be waived like Zalora if our total value of purchase more than RM75. This is quite burdensome actually just for shipping fee only.

Taobao (alibaba) is quite a famous shopping website for Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore since 5 years ago. It was found by Ma Yun  if you know who is he. Basically all the goods are also sold by different merchants. You might find same products sold by different sellers. But the price can vary much. It depends on the service and quality too for each merchant. I bought twice from the website. It took only 2 weeks from the time of purchase from various part of China (depends where the seller from) to my house in KL. I went to Taman Connaught pasar malam and found some of the goods can be bought in Taobao too. Instead my friend also bought from that website with much cheaper rate than local. For more of my experience, you can refer here: There are so much choice in the website which we can choose except sensitive things like food, liquid based material, skincare, battery inserted electronics. But that is more than enough, we still can buy shoe, clothes, stationery, accessories and etc. One of the things that they did better than us is the delivery service. They can just order in the morning and get the goods in the evening. If they get the stock the day after tomorrow, it can considered slow and the merchants might get a bad feedback from the buyers which later will affect their ratings (you gonna read my blog for details).

Shopback is something new. It is top online shopping cashback site. Shopback offers cashback to all buyers who wish to do online shopping.There are so many e-stores in Shopback which I think you definitely go to one of it before. Let say if you want to buy in any of the websites I mentioned above, you just need to log in with shopback (create an account with them first) and click the e-store link in the shopback website, check out the goods/service using the same link (without closing it), we will get the cashback in the shopback account later. Are you planning for holiday? Just click on to get Expedia Malaysia coupon which enables you to get cashback up to 8% or  RM66 cashback for hotel+ flight package. 

CNY is around the corner. How is your preparation? Doing last minute shopping for something? Looking for Best Chinese New Year promotions somewhere else? There are CNY deals at shopback. At one glance, you might able to find the great deals with all these e-stores displayed.

This early of month, I just tried Shopback (out of curiosity as I saw my blogger friends mentioned about it on how it help to save money) and earn RM0.98 with RM50 purchase of cartridge in Lazada e-store. It does not sound much now, but day by day, with accumulated cashback by using shopback, we will able to get more.  By the time I accumulate minimum RM10 in the shopback account, I can cash out my money! Thus, we save money by using shopback! Anyway, if you still blur, watch this: Or you can just sign up here to try yourself :D Happy shopping everyone!  


  1. I had a great experience with both Groupon and Lazada. Thank you for sharing the rest! I had no idea there were so many around. ^.^

  2. Now, never go outside to shopping ^-^


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