Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journey of Happiness

How's your day? Are you happy today? What make you happy? Great food? Achieve what you targeted? Being with someone you love? Learning something new? I hope to hear from you guys on this :D

While I was strolling at a shopping mall in KL, I saw a piece of wonderful painting at a small exhibition corner which caught my attention. I walked closer to have a look to see all the details at the canvas. I truly like the simple message given by the drawing while using mixed medium with the right way to make the painting looks vibrant :D

Happiness is the moment being with someone we love :D For me, love should encompass more than boy-girl relationship.

I continued to have a look for other art works which might surprise me like the first drawing. The middle piece interests me as it tells others about Malaysian with the beautiful traditional wooden houses which are found mostly in non urban area.

The abstract piece that I like with the overall combination of only 2 main colours, blue and yellow which still looks great with its simplicity.

I guess the artist is drawing himself indulging in the gastronomic journey of his favourite food :D That's how he defines happiness.

A very feminine drawing with soft and simple painting of flowers and birds surrounding the lady. Happiness is being in a beautiful nature place and having freedom to do it might explain what I think about this art piece.


There are photography exhibition corner as well at the other side.

Kids and bubbles, the fun time I missed during childhood. Sometimes I feel like having a kid now which I think is very fun to have a little one who is a mirror image of self. But I think I'm way too far from it as I'm still single right now. My mum even teased me that no man would like to have me as wife. Well, I might start to accept what she said and plan life if I'm not marry :D

Everyone has different way of being happy. We always hope to get rid of problems and obstacles but they are happen anyway uncontrollably. That's my sharing. Hope you all are happy always and I will be glad to hear your comments on happiness!Happy Wednesday :D

Friday, October 23, 2015

Asean Media Blogger Tourism Hunt Flag Off

Last Sunday, I was invited to the press conference and flag off of The ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2015 organized by Tourism Malaysia. A total of 40 members of the media and bloggers from ASEAN countries were invited to take part in the inaugural ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2015 to promote Malaysia as a holiday destination among regional travelers in a different way. Similar to a treasure hunt, the programme required participants driving around Malaysia, engaging in local cultural activities, taking part in challenges and visiting various tourist attractions, as they explored the many exciting tourism offerings in Malaysia.

YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri said at the press conference, “The ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt was especially created with the media and bloggers in mind to give them a new and exciting perspective of Malaysia as a tourist destination.”

He said, “This programme will help us to enhance relationships with members of the ASEAN media and bloggers. It’s a fun way to introduce and promote new destinations and products to the ASEAN market through the media and bloggers who have a popular following back home.” 

“Moreover, the participants can assess for themselves the quality of infrastructure and safety of driving in Malaysia. The programme will help to promote Malaysia as a self-drive holiday destination,” he added.

Sponsors for the programme included Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn. Bhd., the main sponsor of the 25 Proton cars used to complete this Tourism Hunt; Felda Investment Corporation Sdn. Bhd.; The Grand Beach Resort, Port Dickson, for the accommodation; and Malaysia Airlines Berhad and Wonda Coffee.

The Minister of Tourism and Culture YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz launched the race on 18 October at the Malaysia Tourist Information Centre (MATIC) in Jalan Ampang. Participants from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, were flagged off in 25 Proton-sponsored cars from MATIC before proceeding to Putrajaya and Port Dickson, and the final pit-stop in Melaka. 

Inspired by the treasure hunt concept, the Tourism Hunt is themed ”Fun and Enjoyable Drive to Experience Malaysia,” and will include elements such as explore race, fear factor, photo contest on Instagram, etc. All questions will be based on Malaysia’s tourist attractions and participants will get to experience Malaysia’s culture, heritage, art and cuisine as they complete each task.

One of the interesting elements of the Tourism Hunt is the photography competition where participants need to upload pictures of the Tourism Hunt activities to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. With social media being a popular promotional platform, along with the trend for “selfies” and “wefies,” this will help to promote Malaysia online to the followers of the ASEAN media and bloggers participating in this programme.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#AirAsiaMAKNA Cancer Awareness Campaign a Success

It is pink October this month. Nevertheless, cancer does not discriminate and it affects both men and women. Last weekend, AirAsia presented a total of RM120,945.64 to the National Cancer Council (MAKNA), as funds raised through the company campaign themed #AirAsiaMAKNA. The meaningful 5 months CSR campaign was implemented where the proceeds from the sales of special limited edition T-shirts featuring the iconic AirAsia cabin crew and pilot captain uniform designs sold at RM30 per piece would channeled to MAKNA to help the cancer patients. The limited edition T-shirts, which were designed by AirAsia Allstars was sold at 23 on-ground locations throughout Malaysia, as well as MAKNA’s online store at its website.


Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad said, “According to published statistics, 1 out of 4 Malaysians are affected by cancer. We at AirAsia wanted to play a part in educating the general public about early prevention as well as to give back to the community we serve. At every #AirAsiaMAKNA sales location, MAKNA was there to provide information and guideline to the general public, encouraging them to learn and help those in need. In addition, we also leverage on our social media strength to disseminate simple crucial information about cancer. This has been well received by the members of the public”. 

As part of the #AirAsiaMAKNA campaign, the airline also ran an Instagram contest where the public who has purchased the T-shirts can upload their most creative photo donning the cabin crew or pilot-designed T-shirts, hashtag #AirAsiaMAKNA and stand a chance to win a pair of flights each to Maldives or Sapporo!

The contest saw over 750 entries and the two lucky winners were handpicked by Aireen Omar and revealed during the event today as well. The winners are @shaarin and @suzanekassim, and they will be contacted by the airline to redeem their flights. Throughout the campaign, AirAsia also posted fast facts about cancer on the airline’s social media platforms to further raise awareness on cancer.​

Farahida Mohd Farid, General Manager MAKNA said “This campaign is not just to raise funds, but also awareness. It enables MAKNA to reach out to more people and spread much-needed information, which is just as important. The more we talk about cancer, the more people understand and are empowered to take ownership and better care of their health. With this campaign, AirAsia has not only demonstrated its social consciousness, but also further established its innovative, can-do spirit. MAKNA is honoured to have AirAsia join us in our cause.”

MAKNA aims to mobilise resources in order to provide curative, preventive, research and support services to cancer patients, their families, high-risk groups, and also the general public within Malaysia and the region. It is the organisation’s mission to fight cancer and reduce related pain, morbidity and the suffering that cancer patients undergo.


AirAsia is committed to make a difference in this cause, as it also teamed up with Media Prima Berhad to support the Travelling Beruang campaign; which is aimed to raise public awareness about children with cancer in Malaysia. The ‘Travelling Beruang’ goes around the world, being the eyes and ears for children diagnosed with cancer and are not able to travel. The cute cuddly ‘Travelling Beruang’ is available for purchase on board AirAsia flights for only RM65 each. Proceeds are channelled to MAKNA as well, and this campaign has garnered encouraging support from the public with the #travellingberuang hashtag on social media.  Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest activities via Twitter ( and Facebook ( and find out more fast facts about cancer.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Lab rat vs lab mice

Hi guys how you all lately? There are up and down on my side, but I believe everything will be fine in the end. I'm going to share some pictures taken lately in animal house. It is a place at my faculty which houses lots of lab rat for study purpose. I paid a visit there a few weeks back to have a look while trying to find the personnel to ask about the availability of the cage.

This was my second time being here. The first time I entered, there was no one inside. Luckily I met a student during my second visit which I can direct a few questions to her before having my lab rats for study later.  


She was changing the bedding of the cage while force feeding the rats with either placebo or testing sample. Though some people, animal testing sounds cruel but it is a must test before introducing any treatment to human especially anti cancer medicine and etc. Have a second thought, without all the animal testing, would you take the new invented medicine which claims to have effect to treat certain disease which you can't estimate the dosage safe to take and unknown side effects? Anyway, everything done must be approved and follow International Animal Ethics before running any experiment.


The tiny mice in the cage.


The rats look like having group chat.

Do you ever see a lab rat or lab mice? Make a guess, if both of them run together, which one will run faster? LOL...I have no answer for this, just randomly pop out from my mind.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

aQu – it’s me, Malaysian Made Skin Care Product


aQu, a Malaysian made and proudly owned skin care brand lately officially launched its very first skin care range “It’s Me” at the Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC). aQu-it’s me which is exclusively available at selected 111 Watsons outlets nationwide has its ingredients certified HALAL by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and is certified safe for use by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM).

aQu – it’s me, a basic water based skin care product which consists of natural plant and fruit extracts is formulated based on the latest biotechnology advances and caters to every youth and young executives needs. Keeping in mind the need to start a skin care regime early and to constantantly maintain ones appearance, Fountain of Health Sdn Bhd has made its products affordable and accessible via Watsons Personal Care Stores. 


Adura Kamarul Zaman, Marketing Director of Fountain of Health Sdn Bhd said, “We are very proud to be exclusively available at Watsons as this is a major stepping stone for us seeing that our target markets preferred personal health care store is Watsons. aQu – it’s me is not another skin care product but a product which is made out of natural plant and fruit extracts in which we are particularly proud of as we have only the best ingredients to offer at an affordable price"
She further added, “In this day and age, confidence plays a number one role in our lives and often times this can be affected due to unhealthy looking skin as we are always on the go and working to meet tight deadlines. When we have a healthy looking skin, we are then more confident in our stride and in what we do. With aQu – it’s me, it’s about empowering individuals and giving them the confidence to shine and be comfortable in their own skin. Even our tagline ‘Keep Cool and Use aQu – it’s me’ represents confidence.”


The exclusive ingredients that can be found in the products are such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, chamomile and sunflower seed oil among many others. The ingredients, which have been cleverly formulated, were carefully selected and tested to ensure that individuals with combination skin problems were able to use them as well.


The products in which aQu – it’s me offers ensure that the targeted consumer regardless of gender is well taken care of from the all important face wash to the protective complexion corrective cream (CC Cream) which also contains SPF 35 helps reduce exposure to the sun. With its price ranging from as low as RM20 to RM35, and RM132.90 for a complete set, aQu – it’s me is without a doubt an affordable basic maintenance skin care range.
For more information, contact aQu’s Marketing Department at 019 276 2278 or visit

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Random pictures...recent update


Anyone of you seen this fruit before? It is called gac fruit which is high in lycopene.It is not a local fruit. The bright red colour of the peel is so attractive but it is not tasty at all.

Thought of going Perak to get my sample but then a lot of problems.....thus I pluck a few from Biosains Institute (IBS) to start some lab work instead of waiting....

 Saw this banner when being in IBS and regretted to say that I missed again the animal handling workshop...this time I emailed the person in charge and asked to inform if they are going to organize again in future.


Dining out with Sharen and Shi Hui one day after Dr Claire Aitchison (lecturer from University of New South Wales) workshop in SGS


Pampered ourselves once a while in McD


Waffle still remain my favourite snack :) or perhaps my lunch when the food in cafe almost finish


Alcohol free beer...bought by senior during his recent visit to Japan. I asked if I can have some to try to fulfill my curiousity but then he said make sure you come every day as he not sure when he going to open it =.=

Kit Kat in sweet potato flavour which is not in Malaysia yet


I thought of having another one but senior only gave one :S

Then my senior show off his full collection of wine,gin and any alcoholic bottle to me


still I love the one he bought from London




I registered 2 courses this semester. 2 courses crash on Tuesday morning. For the audit status, I still need to take exam and test after consult the course coordinator. At first I thought should not be any problem but the Medical Genetics test crashes with Medical Statistics class which I need to attend and thus I need to drop one as the test can't be held at other time :( Nevertheless, I will still attend the class as sit in student allowed by the course coordinator. I can tell that the Medical Genetics class is so much interesting and always learn something new. Hopefully it helps me in my research later!


Last Thursday, Sharen and I accompany Ru En to RMC, SGS bendahari office, cake house to settle her things. I was touched when she told me that she want to give a surprise to his boy friend and his family by making chocolate banana cake to them as a gift. They just start the BG relationship and that would be her first time meet his parents. Best wishes for her. I did the same like her not baking cake but making spaghetti for my ex and his family. Nevertheless, I was not being appreciated and after that I gave up to do that.

Well, we got free treat from Ru En the coconut caramel sundae as a reward for us to accompany her the whole day. Well, I must say it tastes great but advisable to share with friends. That's my recent updates happening around me when I'm nottravel :)
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