Cultural Experience @ Homestay Bouganvillae, Batu Caves

Homestay is not any special term nowadays. For tourists/ traveller, homestay might be another option for temporary accommodation while having the chance to communicate with the local closely to understand their food and culture during the stay. Strange enough this was my first time visiting homestay in Gombak even though I stay in KL for a very long time.

Homestay Bouganvillae located strategically between the forests of Ulu Yam and the Batu Caves limestone makes Bouganvillae Homestay so popular. The name Bouganvillae is chosen because of the colorful flowers that surrounding the village.

We were being welcomed with Sambutan Ulos upon our arrivals. 2 honourable persons in our group presented at the front to receive it. For what I understand, Sambutan Ulos is a welcoming cultural ceremony by Mandailing group to people with higher status in a community.

The Mandailing is a traditional cultural group in Southeast Asia. They are found mainly in the northern section of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. They came under the influence of Kaum Padri who ruled the Minangkabau of Tanah Datar. As a result, the Mandailing were influenced by Muslim culture and converted to Islam.There are also a group of Mandailing in Malaysia, especially in the states of Selangor and Perak.

They converted to Islam and intermarried with Minangkabau and the Malay peoples. Mandailing society is patriarchal, employing family names, or marga,. The well-known marga(s) in Mandailing clan are: Lubis, Nasution, Siregar, Hasibuan, Harahap, Dalimunthe (originally from Munthe), Matondang, Rangkuti, Parinduri, Pulungan, Rambe, Daulae(y), Pohan, Batubara (not to be confused with the Batu Bara people from the east coast of Sumatra), Barus and Hutajulu. (source from:

Then, we had cooking demonstration and hands on experience in making sambal tempe. Sambal tempe is a traditional Malay dish found in almost every Malay food stalls. I love sambal tempe too therefore I learnt while the mak cik cooking.


Our sambal tempe

Sambal tempe is great served with white rice :D

Next, we had introduction of nasi upah, a popular Mandailing menu similar to nasi ambeng.

The eggs in nasi upah symbolises unity among the community. Fish brings the meaning of plunge into the hearts of the society.


Package price for the homestay per person: RM120+

One of the uniqueness staying here is enabling visitors to get a close look of the indigenous settlements that still maintain their tradition from generation to generation.

No 78, Jln KSK 4,
Kg Sungai Kertas,
68100 Batu Caves.

Tn Hj Ruslan bin Ahmad 016-3920439/ 03-61885515


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